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Q1: January– March 2021

Unified SMS Broadcast Message Authoring

Message Delivery Optimization using Time Zone

Product Attributes in Decision Splits

Include/Exclude Multiple Segments

Non-Secure Image Warning for Email

Mobile App Push Notifications

Deactivated Phone Numbers

Program Name in SMS Messages

Creating a Winback Campaign in Journey Hub

Product Attributes in Purchase History Split

Geolocation Targeting in Segment Filter 2.0

Unique Coupons Uploads

Non-Secure Image Warning for Popups

Q2: April – June 2021

Compliance Language in SMS Messages

Duplicate Broadcast Messages

Contact Split Testing with SMS

Recurring MMS

MMS Subject Line

SMS Quiet Hours in Broadcast

Shortened and Branded Links

Character Counting for Coupon

Split Test Reporting Enhancements

MMS in Journey Hub

Visual Insights

User Acceptance Testing

Alert Suite Strategy

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Adobe Analytics Integration

Q3: July – September 2021

SMS Split Testing Send Time in Broadcast

SMS Contact Profile Fields

SMS Message Summary Export

Using Webhooks in Journey Hub

Custom Events in Journey Hub

Purchase History Decision Splits

Subscription Details Decision Splits

BigCommerce Integration

Composer Accessibility Enhancements

Visual Tracking

Universal Email Key (SHA256) Support

Q4: October – December 2021

Multiple Paths options in a Decision Split

Data Management Action Step

Updates to the Data File Setup

Listrak Order Data Schema Specifications

Insert Product Blocks in Composer

SMS Info Campaigns

Automate SMS Split Testing

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