SMS compliance regulations require wireless carriers to periodically provide a list of phone numbers deemed deactivated which must be unsubscribed from any existing message programs. When a phone number is deactivated they will be opted-out of your Listrak SMS lists.

There are three main reasons a phone number may be opted-out:

  • A deactivated mobile number means that the subscriber of the service has decided to surrender their phone number back to the wireless carrier. The number stays with the carrier and is considered a deactivated wireless number. Deactivated numbers can be recycled and activated for new subscribers. Typically numbers are reassigned between 30-90 days after they were deactivated.

  • A disconnected mobile phone number could mean that the subscriber of the service has not paid their bill and therefore is disconnected by the carrier.

  • A mobile phone number that is porting is moving from one service provider to another. Messages sent when a phone number in the process of being ported will often fail to be delivered. On average, porting a phone number takes 7-10 days to complete; however, this may take more time in some cases. The process has a few steps and may differ from carrier to carrier.

NOTE: A contact can choose to opt-out by texting STOP

Listrak will receive information from the following carriers:

  • Verizon

  • C Spire

  • T-Mobile

  • Cell Com

  • Virgin Mobile

  • Sprint (Sprint, Nextel, and Boost)

  • NTelos

  • AT&T

  • US Cellular

In Listrak's SMS platform you can view the phone numbers that are currently opted- out and view the different reasons that a contact was opted-out.

You can view opted-out contacts for each short code in the SMS channel.

  1. Navigate to the selected short code

  2. In the Contacts Menu select View Contacts

  3. Select the Opted-Out tab

Opt Out Tab

On the report you can also see the reason that a contact was opted-out. You can view more about opted-out reasons for each list.

  1. In the Manage tab, select Lists

  2. Click on the desired List Name

  3. On the List Health section, scroll to Opt-Out Reasons

Opt Out Reasons

Learn more about the opt-out reasons reported on the List Dashboard.

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