Integrate your Adobe Analytics account with Listrak using Adobe's API service and our integration manager. Follow the required three-part setup process outlined below, to complete a successful integration.

⚠️ Set up requirements:

  • An existing Adobe Analytics account will need to be set up with at least one Report Suite already configured.

  • Only an Adobe user with System Administrator rights will be able to complete the Adobe Admin Console and the Adobe IO Console setup.

  • Contact your Project Manager once you reach Step 4 to complete the integration.

Step 1: Adobe Admin Console Setup

As the Adobe System Administrator, begin by creating and configuring a Product Profile in order to access and manage Listrak in the Adobe Analytics console.

Create the Product Profile

  1. Sign in to the Adobe Admin Console and verify that the correct Adobe Organization (your account) is selected in the upper right corner.

  2. Click the Products tab.

  3. Select the Adobe Analytics - Your Account Name item in the left menu.

  4. Click New Profile.

  5. Enter Profile Name: Listrak Integration (example name)
    πŸ’‘ Include Listrak in the name of the Profile to help you identify the connection, but providing a description is optional.

  6. Click Done to complete the Product Profile setup.

Configure the Product Profile

After the Product Profile setup is complete, the Configuration profile page will automatically display allowing you to select the applicable Report Suite and Analytics Tools.

  1. Select the Report Suite from the left panel.

  2. Click the β€œ+” icon next to each previously created Report Suite that should be accessible to the connector - the items will be moved to the right panel.
    πŸ’‘ To give accessibility to all Report Suites, click the Auto Include toggle to turn it β€œOn”. Doing this will automatically include any Report Suites created in the future to be accessible to this connector.

  3. Select Analytics Tools from the left panel.

  4. Select Web Services Access by clicking the β€œ+” icon next to each - they will be moved to the right panel.

  5. Click Save to complete the configuration process.

Step 2: Listrak Platform Setup

The next step is to add the Adobe Analytics Integration to Listrak.

  1. Sign in to the Listrak platform and navigate to Integrations> Integrations Management.

  2. Click New Integration.

  3. Select Adobe Analytics under the New Partner Integration section.

  4. Click Integrate.

  5. Go to the Setup tab.

  6. Enter an Integration Name of your choice.
    ⚠️ It is required to enable the Download Public Key button.

  7. Click Download Public Key.
    πŸ’‘ The fields are deactivated until the public key is downloaded.

  8. Complete all additional fields.

  9. Click Verify Integration & Save.

  10. Return to the Adobe console to complete the setup.

Step 3: Adobe IO Console Setup

In this step you will need to create an Adobe IO project, this will allow the API authentication process to happen. This IO project will reference the previously created Product Profile.

Create the IO Project

  1. Sign in to the Adobe IO Console and verify that the correct Adobe Organization (your account) is selected in the upper right corner.

  2. Click Create new project.

  3. Click Edit project.

  4. Enter Project Title name: Listrak Integration (example name)

  5. Click Save to complete the IO Project setup.

Configure the API Service

  1. Click Add to project.

  2. Select API from the dropdown.

  3. Click the Experience Cloud product icon.

  4. Click Adobe Analytics and then click Next.

  5. Click the Service Account (JWT) option and then click Next.

  6. Select Option #2 to use the Public Key Generated by Listrak, completed in Step 2.

    1. Select the file from the desktop or drag and drop the Public Key file to upload it.

    2. Click Next twice.

  7. Select the Listrak Integration (example name) product profile.

  8. Click Save Configured API.

  9. Click Service Account (JWT) in the left menu. You will see the authentication details to copy to Listrak integration.
    πŸ’‘ Use the Copy button to easily copy and paste into the Listrak platform.

Step 4: Authentication and List Mapping Setup

The last step is to enable the Adobe Analytics integration in the Listrak platform to allow the connection between Adobe and the Listrak platform. Open both the Listrak and Adobe platforms to complete this final step.

πŸ’‘ Setting up the Conversion variables and Success Events can be done at any time.

Setup Conversion Variables

In the Adobe Analytics console, access an existing Report Suite and add Conversion Variables and Success Events. This Report Suite will be used to map that data between Listrak and Adobe.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Report Suites.

  2. Select a Report Suite.

  3. Click Click Edit Settings.

  4. Navigate to Conversion > Conversion Variables.

  5. Click Add New to create the conversion variables.

    ⚠️ Values may appear pre-populated for some fields. Copy and paste the credential information from Adobe Analytics instead of using pre-populated values to ensure a successful integration.

  6. Click the Status check box and set the value to Enabled.

  7. Click the Name checkbox

    1. Enter name: Recipient ID.

    2. Click Save.

  8. Repeat steps 3-6 to add the Message ID conversion variable.

Setup Success Events

  1. Click Edit Settings.

  2. Navigate to Conversion > Success Events

  3. Click Add New.

  4. Create 7 new events, one for each of the following types:

    1. Abuse

    2. Bounces

    3. Clicked

    4. Opened

    5. Read

    6. Send

    7. Unsubscribed

  5. For each event:

    1. Set the Participation to Enabled.

    2. Set the Type to Numeric.

  6. Once all 7 are enabled, this step is complete.

  7. Return to the Listrak platform and navigate to Manage > Integrations.

Initiate Authentication

In the Listrak platform, you will need to provide the Adobe authentication details to the connection.

  1. Sign in to the Listrak platform and navigate to Integrations > Integration Management.

  2. Select the checkbox next to the Adobe Analytics integration.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Select the Setup tab

  5. Re-enter the same Integration Name from Step 2: Listrak Platform Setup.

  6. Copy your Adobe Analytics credentials from Step 8 in the previous section above: Client ID, Technical Account ID, Client Secret, and Organization ID.

  7. Click Verify Integration & Save - This may take a few moments to save, then you will be redirected to the List Mapping tab.

Configure the List Mappings

Also in the Listrak platform, set up the List mapping to complete the connection.

  1. Select the List Mapping tab.

  2. Click Add List Mapping to begin setting up an integration with a List from Listrak.

  3. Complete the required selections:

    1. Report Suite: These are the options set up in your Adobe Analytics account.

    2. List Selection: These are the Lists setup in your Listrak Account

    3. Timezone: Your preferred timezone to send your Listrak Events data to Adobe.

    4. Conversion Variables: Message ID and Recipient ID

    5. Success Events: Abuse, Bounces, Clicked, Opened, Read, Send, Unsubscribed.

  4. Click Save.

  5. To complete the integration you ⚠️ MUST ⚠️ notify your Listrak Project Manager when you have reached this step so that a member of the Listrak team can enable the connection for the integration to take place.

πŸ’‘ You can add additional List Mappings by clicking Add List Mapping to integrate more than one list with your Adobe Analytics account.

Please contact your Project Manager or Account Manager if you have any questions.

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