SMS Profile Fields are account-level fields that store information about your SMS contacts. There are two types of fields system fields and custom fields. System Fields are pre-defined by Listrak and Custom Fields can be defined based on your goals.

SMS profile fields can be used to customize the content of your messages, such as adding first name to the beginning of a message, or used as part of your filtering strategies, such as only sending broadcast messages to those interested in a specific category of products.

Navigate to Profile Fields by clicking in the menu Contacts > Profile Fields to view or create new fields.

System Profile Fields

A system profile field is just a pre-set profile field type to get you started. Your account is set up with 5 of them, and they cannot be edited:

  • Birthday

  • Email Address

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Postal Code

Custom Profile Fields

You can create up to 50 custom profile fields to collect preferences and use for segmentation. These fields can then be accessed and used from any short code in your account.

When creating fields, you can select the type of data you wish to collect. The following data types are available number, text, date (mm/dd/yyyy), and checkbox.

To create a new field:

  1. Click New Profile Field.

  2. Enter a Field Name.

  3. Select a Field Type from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click Save.

Custom Profile Field Use Cases

You can collect many different types of data in a profile field. When creating a new field, consider how you are going to collect the information (e.g. as a data acquisition broadcast message or on a subscription form) and how you may use this data to personalize or segment content.

Common fields to collect, include:

  • Anniversary date

  • VIP status

  • Preferred store number

  • Gender

  • Reward point value¬†

  • Region

  • Channel preference

For more information on SMS messaging, reach out to your Account Manager or Listrak Support!

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