Visual tracking allows you to see which areas of your email are being clicked the most. This feature can be viewed using the numeric and heat map.


Visual tracking can be found anywhere you see the yellow Magnifying Glass icon

This icon is found in the Recent Message widgets or on the Message History Analytics Page. When accessed, a pop-up will appear containing different viewing options.


The numeric map is a visual representation of which links are being clicked the most in your email. This number is displayed numerically and followed by a percentage.


The heat map displays unique clicks received in the various areas of the email. This is expressed by colors.

NOTE: Unique clicks represent the number of individual people who clicked, not to be confused with the total number of clicks. Each individual counts as one.

For Example: The purple areas received clickable activity, however the largest amount of activity occurred in the center of the email. This can be used in reference with the numeric map, displaying that the center of the email received 2,342 clicks (0.23%)

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