Visual tracking allows you to see which areas of your email are being clicked the most, driving conversions and generating revenue. This feature can be viewed using the numeric click map or the colored heat map.

Visual tracking can be found by clicking the magnifying glass icon next to the message you want to review.

This icon is located on several dashboards such as:

  1. In the Recent Message widget on the Email Dashboard

  2. On the Message History Report located under Analytics > Message Analytics Message History

  3. On the Message Link Tracking Dashboard

When clicked, a pop-up will appear containing two different viewing options: a click map or heat map.

Click Map

The click map is a numeric representation of which links are being clicked the most in your email, driving conversions and generative revenue.

📌 Large amounts of revenue generated by links lower in your email indicate that contacts are scrolling and engaging with your entire email.

  • Total Clicks/Click %: The total clicks for the specific link and the percentage of clicks on the specific link versus all clicks in the email.

  • Conversions: The number of orders placed by contacts who clicked that link.

  • Conversion Rate: Calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visits.

  • Revenue/Revenue %: The amount of revenue generated from the specific link and the percentage of revenue on the link versus all revenue generated from the email, calculated by dividing the revenue for a specific link by the total revenue for the message.

⚠️ The Click Map for emails sent prior to 8/7/2021 will only be a visual representation of which links were clicked the most in your email. This number is displayed numerically and followed by a percentage.

Heat Map

The heat map displays unique clicks received in the various areas of the email. This is expressed by colors.

📌 This value can be exported by clicking the download icon to include in presentations and recaps.

💡 Unique clicks represent the number of individual people who clicked, not to be confused with the total number of clicks. Each individual counts as one.

For Example: The purple areas received clickable activity, however, the largest amount of activity occurred in the center of the email. This can be used in reference to the click map, displaying that the center of the email received 795 clicks (13.56%)

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