An SMS short code allows your business to send messages to contacts and provides a way for contacts to be added to your list by texting a keyword to the short code.

You can manage your short code in the SMS channel in the Listrak Platform.

Accessing Your Short Code Settings

If you have multiple short codes, you will need to view the correct short code before accessing the settings.

In the list navigation, select the short code.

Manage Short Code

When viewing a short code you will be able to access the Manage Short Code page, which allows you to access and update the settings of your provisioned short code.

In the Manage tab click the Short Code navigation to open the management page.

On the Manage Short Code page you can view and adjust the following settings:

Merchant Configuration

The Merchant Configuration is a piece that cannot be edited. This links your domain to your SMS program and is used to attribute revenue.

Email List Settings

The email list settings allow you to associate an email list from your program. An associated list allows you to send information about your SMS subscribers to your email list, if they have opted in to your email marketing.

Associating an email list allows you to use the information about your SMS subscribers in your filtering strategy by using the email profile data and set an external event, which can enter a contact into an automated email campaign.

In this section, set the specific properties for

  • Associated List

  • External Event to trigger an automated campaign

  • Profile field for Opted-in SMS Phone Number

  • Profile field for SMS Keyword used to opt-in

  • Profile field to mark that a contact was acquired via SMS

NOTE: These profile fields must be created on your email list first.

Analytics Settings

The analytics section allows you to enable Listrak and Google Analytics. Enabling Google Analytics allows you to set the utm_source and utm_medium values that are appended to links included in SMS messages.

Enabling analytics allows Listrak to track message performance, including conversions.

URL Branding

The URL Branding section allows you to set up a custom shortened URL prefix that will be used when creating messages. This is an optional setting. If this setting is not used, Listrak's default link shortening will be used.

Learn more about setting up custom URL branding.

Compliance Language

The Program Name is automatically pre-pended to your messages when creating a new message. The program name is required for compliance and is an easy way for contacts to know what company is sending them messages.

Compliance language is required by wireless carriers to be included in at least one message a month to all contacts on your mobile list.

In this section, you can set default compliance language and easily include it when authoring a new broadcast message using the paste compliance language feature. Using this feature allows you to easily track which contacts have received a broadcast message that included compliance language by viewing their profile. If you have any questions about your program compliance please contact

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours is defined by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) as the time frame between 9 pm and 8 am in a subscriber's time zone, which is based on the contact's area code.

Enabling this setting will display an alert pop-up if you attempt to schedule a broadcast message during the Quiet Hour timeframe, however it will NOT prevent the message from being scheduled or delivered.

⚠️ The 'Time Zone Optimized' setting will automatically be selected under the Schedule Message section for either the 'Schedule One-Time Send' or 'Schedule Recurring Send' scheduling options. This can be unchecked, you will receive an alert pop-up notifying you the message might be sent during quiet hours for some recipients.

System Messages

SMS System Messages are messages that sent if a contact messages your SMS short code.

The following System Messages are available

  • Help: This message is sent if a contact texts help to the short code or other aliases your define and provides ways for the contact to engage with your brand, such as a customer service phone number.

  • Stop: This message confirms that a contact is now opted-out of your short code and will no longer receive messages.

  • Failure: A failure message is sent if a contact has responded to a campaign, such as data acquisition, three times and the message is not understood.

  • Invalid Reply: The invalid reply is sent to a contacts prior to the Failure message if their response is not understood.

Use the arrow to open each message type to view the current setup or edit the messages. Learn more about the requirements for each type of system message.

If you make any changes to the short code settings, don't forget to Save Settings. If you have any questions about your SMS program please contact your Account Manager.

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