Listrak's BigCommerce Integration allows you to quickly and easily install the Listrak code on your site without editing code yourself. Using the app available in the BigCommerce store you'll be able to quickly integrate with Listrak, update functionality, and contact the Listrak Technical Support team.

Install the App

The first step is to download the BigCommerce App from the BigCommerce App store.

📌Installing the app will grant you access to the BigCommerce API


Once the app is installed you are ready to register it for your site. Before you can register you will need to generate a ClientID and Secret in the Listrak Integration manager.

  1. Navigate to the Integration manager in the Listrak navigation under Integrations > Integrations Management.

  2. Locate the Data API integration and click Integrate.

  3. In the setup tab, add the following:

    1. Name the Integration

    2. Select the Merchant you'd like to integrate

    3. Select the Orders, Customers, and Products access levels

    4. Add the following IP addresses to the whitelist:

  4. Save the Integration.

  5. SAVE your newly generated ClientID and Secret.

  6. Navigate back to the BigCommerce admin panel and add the following information on the registration screen:

    • Merchant ID - Contact the Technical Support team if you do not have your ID

    • ClientID

    • Client Secret

  7. Click Connect after you have verified the information.


Once your app has been registered you can configure the specific settings for your BigCommerce store. You can configure these settings by viewing the Listrak app under the Apps menu in your BigCommerce account sidebar.


The tracking tab has 3 toggles enabled by default. Read below to learn more about each setting.

  • Automatic Script Placement: This setting grants permission for the BigCommerce app to automatically add the Listrak Javascript Framework to your site.

    ⚠️ Disabling this option will require you to manually add the correct code to your pages or page templates.

  • Checkout Script: This setting grants permission to add cart abandonment collection code to your site. This allows you to collect information about the items in a contact's cart to power the Shopping Cart Abandonment solution and supports additional solutions.

  • Product Browse: This setting grants permission to add browse abandonment collection code to your site. This allows you to collect information about the items a contact is browsing and powers the Browse Abandonment solution and supports additional solutions.

💡 Enable or disable the Checkout and Browse Abandonment settings based on the solutions you have included with Listrak.

Email Capture Input

The email capture input section allows BigCommmerce to associate activity on your site, such as cart abandonment, to the email address that can be sent to Listrak.

In this section, add the different email input field IDs from your site.

Once you have updated all your desired settings, click Save Settings.


The status tab provides insights into if your data is being received by Listrak from the BigCommerce App. You sill see the current status for each of the 3 feeds accepted by the BigCommerce App.

Learn more about the three types of data that are received by BigCommerce below.

  • Products: The products data contains information about any products that are new to your eCommerce system or where information about the product (e.g. quantity on hand) is updated.

  • Customers: The customers data contains information about purchasers of your products, such as name and address.

  • Orders: The orders data contains information about the specific orders placed, such as order total. Orders may also contain information about orders that have been updated, such as when a status changes.

⚠️ Use this status field to ensure that all of your data is being received properly.

Managing Your Data Feeds

Listrak's BigCommerce Integration will automatically manage the update and sync of your data between Listrak and BigCommerce. Below are a few key things to keep in mind about managing and updating your data.

  • The integration will automatically complete a sync of the Products, Customers, and Orders file when you complete the install of the integration.

  • From within the BigCommerce app you can easily trigger a resync of any of the feeds being sent to Listrak.

  • You can pause sending data feeds to Listrak from within the BigCommerce app to enable testing and assist with onboarding.


The help tab provides a resource if you are having trouble with your integration. This includes a PDF version of the User Guide, as well as a help form. You can provide additional information about any problems in the help form, and will receive a follow-up from the customer support team.

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