Listrak's User Acceptance Testing feature allows you to test a workflow prior to activating it. User Acceptance testing allows you to make any necessary changes, as a result of your testing, to ensure the workflow functions the way you expect.

How Does the Test Function Work?

The testing function allows you to specify a contact or group of contacts who can enter the workflow once a test is activated. Contacts who are not included will not be entered into a workflow. The option to test a workflow will only be available for draft or inactive workflows. Click on the name of the workflow to open the workflow you would like to test.

The test function requires two things: 1) your site to be fully integrated with Listrak and 2) a contact's email address or phone number to be tied to the specific event being tested in the Workflow.

For example, when testing a List Subscription workflow, a phone number would be entered into the test when they are included in the test criteria and add subscribe on your site, for example, through a pop-up. However, if, when testing a Shopping Cart Abandonment workflow, an email address is added to a footer field, the phone number would not be entered into the workflow because it was not tied to the specific behavior.

⚠️ At this time test workflows are not available for Scheduled events.

Identifying Contacts for a Test

The first step in setting up a test is to identify who should receive the test. Tests can be sent to email addresses and phone numbers (if SMS is provisioned) to experience the full experience of the workflow.

The path that the specified contacts will take through a workflow will depend on their past behaviors and information, for example purchase behavior. Including multiple email addresses or phone numbers with different behaviors will allow you to test multiple paths.

💡 In order for a contact to enter a workflow they must be subscribed to the list or opted in to the SMS program AND perform the action associated with the workflow (subscribed, purchase, abandon a product etc.).

Configuring the Test

Once you have determined who should be included in the test you can configure it in the Workflow interface.

1. Click on the Activate Test button

2. In the popup, fill in your testing details

  • Add the email addresses or phone numbers tests will be sent to

  • Choose how to handle any wait steps in the workflow

💡 Change all wait steps to 5 minutes for a quick review of the logic

3. Click Activate Workflow

Activating the workflow from the testing popup will place the workflow in test mode. Only the contacts who were specified in popup will be entered into the test.

Ending the Test & Making Edits

Once the contacts have received all messages based on the configuration of the workflow and the specified wait times you can end the test.

1. Click on End Test

2. Confirm that you wish to end the test in the popup

💡 If you end a test prior to all contacts completing the workflow they will be removed from the test.

3. If the test revealed changes in configuration are necessary, click the Edit button to be taken back to the workflow canvas

4. Make any changes necessary

5. Re-test the workflow, if desired

6. Activate the campaign

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