Static and dynamic coupons can be used in SMS campaigns to engage customers through a welcome campaign, broadcast send, or a data acquisition campaign. Before applying coupons when creating your SMS campaign, coupons must be set up and imported into Listrak using the coupon manager (Manage > Coupons). Learn more about coupons before getting started.

💡 It's important to have your coupons set up and imported into Listrak before setting up your SMS campaign. Be sure to give your coupons an informative name so they could be easily identified when setting up your campaign.

Coupons in Keyword or List Subscription Campaigns

Create Keyword or List Subscription Campaign. When working through Setup, select the Include a Coupon drop-down.

The name of the coupon pool and the type of coupon pool appear in the drop-down menu. Select the applicable coupon pool for your SMS campaign.

After the coupon pool has been selected and Setup has been completed, then click Continue. When composing the message be sure to add the coupon personalization field for the coupon by clicking the plus sign in the right-hand corner of the message builder. 

⚠️ The coupon count will not display on the Keyword or List subscription Campaign composition page.

Next, click Continue and Complete to finish setting up your keyword campaign. 

Coupons in Broadcast Campaigns

Similar to the above workflow of setting up a keyword campaign, follow the three-step workflow to set up your broadcast campaign.

Once you have set properties such as selecting a list and setting analytics, click Continue to move to the Compose step. In this step, select the applicable coupon pool from the drop-down menu.  

Then use the add personalization option to add the coupon code to the SMS or MMS message.

💡 The maximum character count for both the coupon expiration (if applicable to the pool) and the coupon will be displayed below the coupon dropdown to provide you with an accurate character count.

After you have composed your message click Continue to complete the last set-up step and review your send.

The workflow allows you to see at-a-glance the summary of the broadcast send. You may receive the below validation messages:

  • Not enough coupons in the coupon pool without a default coupon code: Only the amount of available coupons will be delivered and the campaign will stop. Additional coupons can be added to the coupon pool via the coupon manager

  • Sending the default coupon: A default coupon can be configured in the coupon manager and will be used if the supply of unique coupons is depleted. If your broadcast message is schedule to send to more contacts than the coupon has coupons a message will appear letting you know the default coupon will be used.

After you have reviewed the validation screen, click Complete to schedule or send the broadcast campaign.

SMS Coupon Anti-Gaming

Coupon code gaming can happen when someone unsubscribes and resubscribes to a marketing program with the intent to get an additional unique one-time use coupon code.

Listrak SMS prevents coupon code gaming by keeping a record of the coupon code attached to the phone number if it was sent as part of a campaign so that if they resubscribe we can send the same coupon code. However, if the coupon saved for the contact has expired, we send the system message HELP response message.

To learn more about this and other SMS features, contact your Account Manager or Listrak Support for more information!

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