Q1: January - March 2022


  • Message Authoring Subject Line and Preheader Inputs: Extended the width of the input fields to provide longer subject lines and preheaders.

  • Call-to-Action Button Text Wrapping: Button width has been increased to fit text without wrapping.

  • Link Editor Layout Fixed: Decreased the font size to properly fit into the buttons and URL boxes.

  • Legacy Filter Number Field Increased: Increased the width of the number field in Legacy Filter to accommodate the correct character count.

  • Segment Drop Down Expansion: The Segment filter drop down menu is now expandable to prevent being cropped by the page height.


  • Scrollable SMS Authoring Menu: On smaller screens, the SMS sidebar authoring menu is now scrollable to easily navigate between steps.

  • SMS Broadcast Text: Implemented better responsive styling by removing the phone preview on smaller screen sizes.

  • SMS Split Test Variation Slider: When selecting the audience distribution for SMS split tests, the slider will now retain the user’s selection for the remainder group when saving and reloading the split test.

  • SMS Split Test Confirmation Page Update: On the SMS Split Test confirmation page, value will be displayed as 0 if unable to calculate an audience size.

  • SMS Broadcast Dashboard Displays Conversion Data: Dashboard displays conversion data for SMS broadcast messages including Click-Through %, Revenue, and Conversion count.

  • SMS Billable Message Volume: The SMS Home Dashboard now displays Billable Message Volume.

  • SMS Message Volume Reporting: SMS Home Dashboard reports the billable SMS/MMS message volume.

Marketing Automation

Journey Hub

  • Copy and Paste Values in Journey Hub Decision Splits: Users can now copy and paste values into the number input field in Journey Hub decision splits.

  • Previewing and Testing Sample Data in Journey Hub: Updated Journeys to support previewing and testing personalization with sample data using Journey tags.

  • Journey Hub Navigation Update for CRM Dashboards: The navigation menu was updated to rebrand Workflow as Journey Hub.


  • SMS Info Campaign Keyword Limitations: Single character Info Campaign keywords are supported with the exception of reserved keywords such as Y, N, O.

  • SMS Info Campaign Unique Keyword Validation: Updated error messaging to indicate a new keyword is already in use by an active Keyword Campaign or an Info Campaign.

  • SMS Info Campaign Data Retention: SMS data used for reporting Info Campaigns will be archived after 15 months.

  • SMS Info Campaign Report Date Range: Users can now filter the date range in the SMS Info Campaign dashboard to view activity during a specific period of time. The date range applies to the entire page, including exports.


  • Shopify Out for Delivery Duplicate Emails: Customers are no longer receiving duplicate emails for ‘Out for Delivery’ transactional emails.

  • Shopify Fulfilment Event Emails Processing Faster: Shopify event emails such as Shipment Out for Delivery, Shipment Update, Shipment Delivered are delivered to Shopify customers faster.

Q2: April- June 2022


  • Product Recommendations Merchandise Blocks: An issue that was preventing users from editing Merchandise Blocks in Product Recommendations was corrected.

  • Composer Product Block Image Alt Text: A text input was added to Composer Product Block to configure custom alternative text for the product image. The product title will be used by default.

  • Email Import List Wizard Security: A security flaw was updated to prevent the Email Import List Wizard from displaying data that would execute scripts in the UI.

  • External Contact ID System Tag: Clients can now use a system tag (#ListrakExternalContactID#) to populate an External Contact ID in both emails and in URL query strings.

  • Schedule Recurring Email: An issue was resolved to enable users to schedule recurring emails.

  • Message History Report TZO/STO Fix: The email Message History report was updated to include the send date and time of TZO and STO email messages. This ensures the report will only display messages sent within the date range selected.


  • SMS Revenue Tracking: SMS revenue tracking was unable to complete from 3/23 - 4/8. A change was made to resolve the issue and revenue tracking is now restored.

  • SMS Contact Sent Multiple Messages: Order of operation now updates the contact profile before processing the subscription request.

  • SMS Personalization Default Value: An issue was fixed to allow for the default value of a personalization tag in SMS messages to display a link URL.

  • SMS/MMS Phone Preview: All messages within the phone preview for SMS/MMS messages will show as one message regardless of the character count. This is to provide a consistent experience with the end user receiving the SMS/MMS message.

  • Increase SMS Log Retention: We get bugs and investigations are hindered by the lack of logs available to identify RCA.

  • SMS Link Shortening: SMS messages were updated to support hyphens at the end of links, which was causing an issue with link shortening.

Marketing Automation

Journey Hub

  • The Subscription Decision Split: Update now allows the subscription decision split to perform identity lookups to increase identify resolution for contacts subscribed to multiple lists and channels.

  • Journey Hub Message Delivery Settings: To align with a change in SMS quiet hours rules and regulations, Journey Hub Message Delivery Settings on SMS message steps will default to 8:00 AM- 8:00PM.

  • Testing a Journey in Journey Hub: Users will now be prompted to enter a contact’s phone number in a preferred format to eliminate ambiguity on accepted phone number formats.

Q3: July- September 2022


  • Shopify Coupon Sync Update: Applied an update to the Shopify Coupon Sync for better visibility with dashboards when customers are having issues to troubleshoot customer issues.

  • CRM Dashboards are Scrollable: Users now have the ability to scroll to the bottom of the page to view their CRM dashboard.

  • List Drop Down in New Navigation: The list select drop down now persists when Listrak users navigate throughout the platform.

  • Saved Message Notification: Users will receive a notification at the top of the screen confirming that message changes have been saved.

  • Flyout Menus in Safari: Safari on MacOS displaces the side navigation boxes while hovering over parts of the new navigation. This is known bug with Safari.

  • Eliminate White Borders: The white borders around the cards in the UI have been removed.

  • Button Component Update: The button component no longer emit events from multiple clicks.

  • Update Filter Rendering: The filter chart is legible and elements take up available space.

  • Subscribed Contacts "Close" Button: The red "close" button in the bottom left hand corner is now visible and displayed correctly.

  • 360 Profile Font Issue: Open Sans font is now displaying in the 360 Profile.

  • Button Text Spacing: Whitespace was trimmed around the button text.

  • Analytics PDF Export: The PDF export on the Email Message History report and List Activity Dashboard was only exporting a partial report and will now export the full report.

  • Changing List Name: The list navigation name will now match the updated list name in List Settings.

  • Dynamic Subject Line Personalization: The width of the personalization field selection dropdown in Dynamic Subject Line setup was expanded so that longer profile field names could be displayed.

  • Web Push Engagement Tracking: Delivery count and click engagement is now being tracked in Web Push messages.

  • Update to Navigation Flyout Menu: In the navigation flyout menu, the last menu item no longer shows as ‘cloudy' and indicates to users they have reached the bottom of the list.

  • Scroll Hint Issue on Setting Flyout: Cloudy scroll hint on the Settings flyout menu is no longer persistent when you scroll to the bottom of the list.

Web Content

  • Removed Interactions in Landing Page Design Preview: The design preview in Landing Page authoring will now prevent clicks to eliminate the possibility of interacting with the design and navigating the user away from the page.

  • Web Content Editor: Landing Page and Tap-to-Join editors will now prevent selecting Apply before the content has loaded, eliminating the possibility of overwriting the design with “empty content”.

  • Web Content Publishing Status: Pages will remain in a “Publishing” status until the hosted URL is generated and ready to be viewed or shared. Some actions are not available while the page is publishing.

  • Web Content/Landing Pages: Opening positioned landing pages threw an error as a result of an older version of the Web Content API deployed in error.


  • SMS/MMS Phone Preview: All messages within the phone preview for SMS/MMS messages will show as one message regardless of the character count. This is to provide a consistent experience with the end user receiving the SMS/MMS message.

  • Duplicate SMS Subscriptions: If a contact attempts to subscribe more than once and their initial subscription attempt has not completed processing, the second attempt will be captured as a duplicate.

  • Phone Number Validation in Landing Pages: SMS subscription forms in landing pages now validate that a phone number has been entered and will automatically format the contact’s phone number entry.

  • SMS Broadcast Message Page Display: A vertical scroll bar has been added to the SMS Broadcast page so that users are able to scroll down to see all data on the page

  • SMS Split Test Winning Variation: Error messaging was updated to provide better guidance when configuring Variation Distribution for SMS Split Test winning message.

  • Adjusted Quiet Hours Toggle: In accordance to Sunshine Protection Act, the quiet hours helper text in the short code settings was adjusted to show 8pm.

Marketing Automation

  • Append Payload and Coupon to Webhooks in SMS and Email Subscription Journeys: Listrak users will now have the ability to append subscription event data and coupon codes to webhooks as part of their Welcome Series in Journey Hub.

  • Journey Hub Back in Stock Sign Up: Users can create more than one back in stock alert definition on a merchant/list from within the Journey Hub modal.

  • Duplicating Journeys: Existing Journeys are now able to be successfully duplicated and saved when a list has not yet been set for the Journey being duplicated.


  • Magento 2.4.4 Compatibility: Listrak has submitted necessary changes to the Magento extension to remain compliant with 2.4.4.

  • M2 Integration Order Sync Issue: M2 orders can now be synced with Listrak.


  • GXP Experiment Dates: Corrected an issue that reset the experiment start/end dates to the browsers current time when editing an existing experiment.

Q3: October- December 2022


  • Analytics Web Exports Timeout: When exporting analytics reports, we will attempt to deliver the download within the browser. If it takes longer to process, a message will display letting the user know that the report will be emailed to them.

  • Dynamic Subject Line Indicator: A message will now be displayed to indicate when a Dynamic Subject Line is applied to avoid sending without being aware of this setting.

  • List Change Cancel Issue: When a user updates a subject line in a saved message, then selects “Cancel”, the updates are no longer applied in the list selected.

  • Store Locator Icon Drop Down Issue: Users are now able to use the up and down arrows on their keyboard to move between selections in the store locator drop down issue. Also, improvements to the table sort were made during the fix.

  • Text Issue in Drop Downs: Text within the drop-down selectors will wrap around to display all of the text within the width of the text box during selection. Once selected the text will be truncated to fit into the width of the drop down.

  • Navigation Bar: When running the Listrak app locally, the navigation will show as expected.

  • Current Page Navigation Chevron Fix: Users will no longer see the current page indicator chevron in the navigation menu on multiple page names.

  • New Coupon UI Experience: Changes made to the Add a New Coupon modal for a better user experience.

  • Navigation Experience for Smaller Screens: Updated the side navigation experience to interact with smaller laptop.

  • Profile Field Manager Timeout: Timeout length increased to allow the email profile field management page to load.

  • Bounce Processing for Transactional Messages: Bounces were only being tracked for the first transactional message delivered to a contact but not subsequent transactions that triggered another send of the same message. Bounces tracked for all transactional messages.

  • CRM Flyout Menu: Marketers will no longer be presented with multiple Current Page indicators on the CRM Flyout Menu.

  • Media Library “Max Files Per Folder” Error: Updated an issue where a select few folders in Media Library were incorrectly displaying the “max number” error when only a few files were present.

  • View List Issue: Users will no longer get a "list not found" error when navigating to a list that was not in the quick selection menu.

  • Login Listrak Logo: The Listrak logo on the Login in Page is now crisp.

  • Unable to Edit Text Blocks in Composer: The Composer text elements with issues were rebuilt to allow the client to make edits.


  • Punctuation Breaking Links in SMS Messaging: Periods, commas, and other sentence punctuation that follows a link in SMS messages are no longer applied as part of the link. This prevents links from breaking in some situations.

  • SMS Double Opt-in Timeout: The window to respond to a double opt-in request only lasts for 24 hours. When responding after 24 hours, the end user will receive standard help messaging.

  • SMS Link Generation: SMS links are now generating with the correct domain and parameters.

  • Unsupported Characters in SMS Messages: SMS API sends were failing to save due to some unsupported characters. These characters will now be identified and ignored to allow messages to be saved and queued to send.

  • SMS Broadcast Report Readability: Page content no longer overlaps with the blue background.

  • SMS Short Code Notification: A successful save notification confirmation displays when a SMS short code notification is changed.

  • Core Dependency Testing: Changes implemented to the code build process to remove errors and manual work from engineers deploying code to CORE. The changes also ensure consistent, correct versions of software and support tools are leveraged as code is deployed.

  • UNSTOP Keyword Functionality: Fixed issue to allow UNSTOP” keyword is sent to a Toll-Free number (TFN) and short codes to re-opt in the contact.

  • SMS Broadcast Message Filtering: Users now able to clearly see the percentage of their list that applies in the SMS Broadcast filter.

Marketing Automation

  • Duplicate Messages within a Journey: When messages are duplicated within a Journey, the option to save the Journey will now be available.

  • Journey Hub String Split: As a Journey Hub user, when splitting on a string type, the following will now be available: Starts with, Ends with, Contains, Does Not Contain, Is empty.

  • Journey Test Mode: When activating a Journey in test mode, only the email or SMS contact will be allowed to flow through the Journey.

  • Web Push Personalization: The personalization selection dropdown for Web Push messages in Journey Hub was updated to allow for scrolling.

  • Contacts Subscribed via Journeys: As contacts are subscribed via the Data Management Action, the Subscription Method will now show as a Journey.

  • Journey Save from Template: Upon saving a Journey generated from a template, no calls will be made that will result in an error.

  • Journey Sort Order: When filtering Journeys by category, the sort order will now reflect correctly.

  • SMS Carrier Split: When saving a Journey containing an SMS Carrier split, the split details will persist upon saving, exiting and re-entering the Journey.

  • Unable to Redefine INFO Keyword Content: Info Keyword changes can be saved without throwing an error.

  • Inaccurate Short Codes: In a scenario where short codes become swapped behind the scenes, new messages within Journeys will not be able to be created. This helps ensure contacts are subscribed to a short code before receiving a message.

  • Order Details Split: The ability to split an Order Items Product Title within an Order Details split is now available.

Integrations & Data

  • SFMC Polling Service - To provide better alerting and visibility for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud polling service, we have changed the logging tool to ensure timely and accurate performance information.

  • Magento Extension: Updated Magento extension to support version 2.4.5 in order to stay compliant.

  • Contact Update via API: As contact records are updated via the Set Contact API, checks have been put in place to ensure only those contacts that have truly updated will be queued up for action.

  • SFMC Integration for Journeys: Configurations updated to activate the SFMC/GXP integration.

  • Klaviyo Unsubs: Contacts with a global unsubscribe or list unsubscribe metric in Klaviyo are now appearing as unsubscribed in Listrak.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration: Updated error handling and log levels for Salesforce Marketing Cloud to filter out exceptions that can’t be retried.

  • M2 Order Sync Failures: Released a new version of our Magento2 extension (6.2.4) to resolve an issue that impacted the logging of exceptions.

  • Net6 Update: Updated Contact Request to .NET 6, as our previous version of .NET 3.1 was no longer supported.

  • Upgrade .Net6: Upgraded versions to ensure the Order ETL processing will not be impacted when the current software reaches end-of-support status in December 2022.

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