Q1: January - March 2022


  • Message Authoring Subject Line and Preheader Inputs: Extended the width of the input fields to provide longer subject lines and preheaders.

  • Call-to-Action Button Text Wrapping: Button width has been increased to fit text without wrapping.

  • Link Editor Layout Fixed: Decreased the font size to properly fit into the buttons and URL boxes.

  • Legacy Filter Number Field Increased: Increased the width of the number field in Legacy Filter to accommodate the correct character count.

  • Segment Drop Down Expansion: The Segment filter drop down menu is now expandable to prevent being cropped by the page height.


  • Scrollable SMS Authoring Menu: On smaller screens, the SMS sidebar authoring menu is now scrollable to easily navigate between steps.

  • SMS Broadcast Text: Implemented better responsive styling by removing the phone preview on smaller screen sizes.

  • SMS Split Test Variation Slider: When selecting the audience distribution for SMS split tests, the slider will now retain the user’s selection for the remainder group when saving and reloading the split test.

  • SMS Split Test Confirmation Page Update: On the SMS Split Test confirmation page, value will be displayed as 0 if unable to calculate an audience size.

  • SMS Broadcast Dashboard Displays Conversion Data: Dashboard displays conversion data for SMS broadcast messages including Click-Through %, Revenue, and Conversion count.

  • SMS Billable Message Volume: The SMS Home Dashboard now displays Billable Message Volume.

  • SMS Message Volume Reporting: SMS Home Dashboard reports the billable SMS/MMS message volume.

Marketing Automation

Journey Hub

  • Copy and Paste Values in Journey Hub Decision Splits: Users can now copy and paste values into the number input field in Journey Hub decision splits.

  • Previewing and Testing Sample Data in Journey Hub: Updated Journeys to support previewing and testing personalization with sample data using Journey tags.

  • Journey Hub Navigation Update for CRM Dashboards: The navigation menu was updated to rebrand Workflow as Journey Hub.


  • SMS Info Campaign Keyword Limitations: Single character Info Campaign keywords are supported with the exception of reserved keywords such as Y, N, O.

  • SMS Info Campaign Unique Keyword Validation: Updated error messaging to indicate a new keyword is already in use by an active Keyword Campaign or an Info Campaign.

  • SMS Info Campaign Data Retention: SMS data used for reporting Info Campaigns will be archived after 15 months.

  • SMS Info Campaign Report Date Range: Users can now filter the date range in the SMS Info Campaign dashboard to view activity during a specific period of time. The date range applies to the entire page, including exports.


  • Shopify Out for Delivery Duplicate Emails: Customers are no longer receiving duplicate emails for ‘Out for Delivery’ transactional emails.

  • Shopify Fulfilment Event Emails Processing Faster: Shopify event emails such as Shipment Out for Delivery, Shipment Update, Shipment Delivered are delivered to Shopify customers faster.

Q2: April- June 2022


  • Product Recommendations Merchandise Blocks: An issue that was preventing users from editing Merchandise Blocks in Product Recommendations was corrected.

  • Composer Product Block Image Alt Text: A text input was added to Composer Product Block to configure custom alternative text for the product image. The product title will be used by default.

  • Email Import List Wizard Security: A security flaw was updated to prevent the Email Import List Wizard from displaying data that would execute scripts in the UI.

  • External Contact ID System Tag: Clients can now use a system tag (#ListrakExternalContactID#) to populate an External Contact ID in both emails and in URL query strings.


  • SMS Revenue Tracking: SMS revenue tracking was unable to complete from 3/23 - 4/8. A change was made to resolve the issue and revenue tracking is now restored.

  • SMS Contact Sent Multiple Messages: Order of operation now updates the contact profile before processing the subscription request.

Marketing Automation

Journey Hub

  • The Subscription Decision Split: Update now allows the subscription decision split to perform identity lookups to increase identify resolution for contacts subscribed to multiple lists and channels.

  • Journey Hub Message Delivery Settings: To align with a change in SMS quiet hours rules and regulations, Journey Hub Message Delivery Settings on SMS message steps will default to 8:00 AM- 8:00PM.

  • Testing a Journey in Journey Hub: Users will now be prompted to enter a contact’s phone number in a preferred format to eliminate ambiguity on accepted phone number formats.

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