Listrak updated it's navigation structure in July 2022. In this guide, you'll learn more about the Listrak features you will be able to access within each menu item. This guide also highlights some of the most-used resources for the features in each navigation item for quick access.

Dashboards: Use this navigation to access high-level metrics on the performance of your programs, such as the SMS Dashboard or your email List Health Dashboard.

💡 If you have CRM, your CRM dashboards will also appear in this navigation.

Contacts: The contacts navigation allows you to view, import, or manage the profile information for contacts across the email, SMS, and App Push channels. Create or edit profile fields and use this information to create Saved email Audiences or Segments within the navigation.

Messages: Create new email, SMS, or App Push messages from within this navigation. Create broadcast SMS or email split tests or save messages for use in your automated campaigns within messages.

Automation: Access previously saved Journey Hub Journeys or Conductor Conversations from within the Automation navigation. Determine which contacts will be eligible for these campaigns by managing your custom events and external events.

Content: Quickly and easily manage the assets you will need when creating an email from this navigation by accessing the media library, template builder, or content library. Or, manage the web content forms your contacts engage with on your site by viewing your landing pages and popups.

Analytics: Access deeper-level reporting on a specific topic in the analytics menu. Whether the performance of your broadcast email split test, the performance of your Journey Hub messages, or your SMS info campaign performance, you will find huge amounts of data in the analytics navigation. From the contact data summary, to split test reporting, and information about unsubscribed contacts you will be able to see information about how contacts engage with your marketing program.

Solutions: Based on the solutions in your Listrak contract, view additional setup and properties of these solutions. Create product recommendations, view the settings for your Shopping Cart Abandonment campaign, view information about your data around buyers and products, and more.

Integrations: Access the Listrak Integration Manager in this navigation to view your current integration settings, create a new Listrak API integration, or learn more about Listrak's partner integrations.

Help & Support: This navigation is your hub for all sorts of helpful Listrak information. From a link to the Help Center, to live chat access to the Listrak Support team, or creative resources, you'll find it all.

Settings: View the settings for specific areas of the Listrak platform, such as your email lists and SMS short codes from the settings navigation.

Account: View the overall settings for your Listrak account so you can easily access billing information or grant access to new users in the User Manager.

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