The List Health Dashboard makes it easy to monitor subscriber turnover over a specified date range, showing you the number of people joining and leaving your lists on a daily basis. Spikes in subscribers may indicate a successful promotion type, while a spike in unsubscribes may indicate a need to evaluate your email content.

📌 Monitor where new subscribers are coming from to fine tune your marketing efforts to maximize exposure.

To access the List Health Dashboard, in the navigation go to Dashboards > List Health Dashboard.

Filtering Options

When navigating the List Health Dashboard, you can update the scope of data by filtering by date. Use the pre-built date options or the calendar icons to select the target dates. Update after you select your settings to update the dashboard.

List Health Overview

The list health overview section displays KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), providing quick access to:

  • Subscription Rate: The average subscriptions per day on the current list within a date range.

  • Unsub Rate: The average number of contacts unsubscribing per day on the current list within a date range.

  • New Subscribers: The number of new subscribers to the current list over the specified date range. New subscribers do not count contacts who have unsubscribed (at any time) and then resubscribe during this timeframe.

  • Number of Unsubs: The number of unsubscribes on the current list within date range.

  • List Delta: The net numeric change in your list size of a specific list over the specified date range. You can have a positive or negative list delta. The number is positive unless you see a negative (-) sign before the number. 

💡 The List Health Dashboard includes all types of subscribers, including list imports. To view net new traffic through your site update your date range to exclude any recent list imports.

Recent Messages

The recent messages section contains a preview and high-level statistics of the 12 most recently sent broadcast messages from the selected list. The following statistics are available:

  • Revenue: the amount of money generated by contacts who converted after clicking through a message. Only available if conversion tracking is enabled.

  • Delivered: The number of messages that reached a contact's inbox.

  • Opens: The number of messages that were opened.

  • Reads: The number of messages that were engaged with for at least 5 seconds.

  • Clicks: The total number of clicks that occurred on a specific message.

  • Unsubscribes: The number of contacts who unsubscribed by clicking an unsubscribe link or unsubscribing via an opt-down.

  • Bounces: The number of messages that bounced and were not delivered to an inbox.

From this section, you can also click through on the icons to view message level reports, including geo-tracking, visual tracking, link tracking, message dashboard, and a full message preview. You can also click on the thumbnail to view the message dashboard.

Health Charts

A variety of graphs are available to switch between in different tabs to help you monitor list health over time.

💡 Clicking on the download button will download a PNG image that can be used in presentations or external reporting.

List Size by Method

List size by method is a stacked bar chart categorizing new contacts by subscription method, including administrator, list import, subscriber, or list hygiene. This chart can be used to help identify where your contacts are subscribing and identify potential areas for improvement.

Clicking on a specific subscription method in the legend will remove it from the graph view. It may be helpful to remove existing contacts to drill down into your net new subscribers. Existing contacts are contacts who were subscribed to the list prior to the date in the reporting.

List Delta

List delta is a bar chart showing growth or loss of subscribers in a specific timeframe so you can easily recognize spikes in new subscriptions or unsubscribers. Hover over a specific timeframe to see the delta for that time.

List Delta by Domain

List delta by domain is a bar chart showing growth or loss of subscribers for each of your most popular domains. Subscriber and unsubscribers are reflected for each specific timeframe. Hover over a specific date or domain to see the delta for that group. Click on a specific domain in the legend to remove it from the graph.

Unsubscribers by Method

Unsubscribers by method is a stacked bar chart showing unsubscribe methods, including bounces, opt-outs, list hygiene, abuse complaints, and invalids over your selected timeframe. Hover over the graph to see unsubscribes on a specific timeframe or click on a method in the legend to remove it from the graph.

Subscribes vs. Unsubscribes

Subscribes vs. unsubscribes is an area chart layering acquisition of subscribers and loss of unsubscribers over a specified date range. At a glance this provides a visual representation of your rate of churn over time.

Bounce Reasons

The bounce report pie chart provides a quick view of the most common reasons your emails bounced during the selected during the selected timeframe, such as if a mailbox is full or an address is invalid. Understanding your bounce reasons can help you detect potential deliverability issues. Clicking the graph icon in the widget will open the Bounced Contacts report with additional details.

Abuse Complaints

Internet service providers (ISPs) look closely at the number of abuse complaints received when determining the validity and deliverability of an email message. This pie chart details abuse complaints by ISP during the specified date range. This can help you identify problems with a specific domain to help improve deliverability. Clicking on the graph icon opens the abuse summary which provides further details on the date and domains associated with abuse complaints.

Top Domains

The top domains pie chart provides insights into the top domains to which you are sending during the selected timeframe. Understanding the top domains may guide your deliverability efforts and impact your segmentation strategy.

Contacts by Email Client

The contacts by email client pie chart provides a visual representation of the top email clients used by your subscriber base, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Mail, and others. This chart could impact your message design by designing mobile-first for the increase in mobile opens or change design elements based on what is supported in different email clients.

Contacts by Country and Contacts by Sate

These two pie charts display subscribers by country and state, which are collected as your contacts open emails. This data can help you target your emails and potentially tailor content to different regions.

Unsubscribe Reasons

This pie chart shows you the top reasons contacts unsubscribed from your list, including subscribers that were automatically removed due to complaints, invalid addresses or during the list hygiene process. This provides an aggregate view of the data broken down in the Unsubs by Method bar chart.

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