What is Listrak Conductor? 

Listrak Conductor is an automated workflow builder. Conductor allows you to send a message or series of messages automatically when a contact takes a specific action or meets a specific criteria. 

Common automated programs, such as a welcome series or shopping cart abandonment, allow you to engage contacts on a one-to-one basis as they take a specific action. 

Common Listrak Conductor Terminology

Conversation: A Listrak Conductor conversation is a single automated workflow that is built to achieve a specific goal. Common conversations include the welcome series, which has a goal of introducing new subscribers to your brand, or shopping cart abandonment, which sends a contact an email when they left items in their cart, but did not make a purchase. 

Thread: A Listrak Conductor conversation can be built of multiple different threads. Each thread is a different path a contact can take through the automated workflow. These paths allow you to message these contacts differently. 

Strategy Idea: 

  • Message new subscribers differently based on how they subscribed. Send an offer or discount only to those subscribers who have not made a purchase. 

  • Message contacts based on if they meet a set of criteria. Message multi-purchasers differently than first-time purchasers. 

Step: A step is the individual building block of a Listrak Conductor thread. Learn more about the types of steps available. 

Conductor Features 

Designer: The designer is the space where you can see past versions of a conversation or build or update existing conversations. There are two views available in the designer. 

  • Working Version: A working version is a version of a conversation that can be used to make updates and changes. These changes will not effect the customer until they are published. 

  • Published Version: The published version is a version of a conversation that is being sent to customers. 

Run Tester: Run tester allows you to see how your conversation will perform prior to publishing it. It allows you to test how the conversation would perform if a contact had certain information in their profile.

History Replay: History replay allows you to view the path a specific contact took through a conversation. History replay is only available once a conversation has been published. 

Visual Analytics: Visual analytics provide a visual representation of the number of contacts who have progressed through each step during a time frame. You can also view additional details such as revenue generated by the messages in a conversation during the time frame. Visual analytics is only available once a conversation has been published.

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