The Abandonment Settings control the layout of your abandoned cart and allow you to collect additional information in your abandonment calls.

💡 If you using Journey Hub to build your abandonment campaigns, some of these settings can be specified within the journey itself.

You can access the Abandonment Settings by navigating to Solutions > Abandonment Settings.

Creating an Abandonment List

If you're accessing these settings for the first time, you'll be asked to created a list. This should be your "Abandonment" list.

⚠️ If you are working with Listrak to implement cart abandonment please contact your Account and Project Manager before continuing.

  1. Enter a Name.

  2. Select a Folder.

  3. Select an IP Pool.

  4. Click Create List.

Adding Personalization Fields

Personalization fields can be used on the message creation page to personalize the Abandonment message. You can also use personalization fields to segment your conversation and limit who receives a message.

Clicking Add New Field will open a list of available fields that can be added to your abandonment list. These fields are powered based on the information you are passing in your product browse and cart abandonment calls.

⚠️ You may need to adjust your integration on your website to ensure these fields are being passed correctly.

Once you have selected a field, you will be able to choose the field group name and field name for the profile field. These will pre-populate based on the field selected, however you can adjust these, if desired. Adjusting the name will then change the preview of the personalization field.

Once you click Save the field will be created and can be used in a message and Listrak Conductor goto step filter.


Settings allow you to adjust properties of your entire abandonment series. These settings connect to events, which are used to enter contacts into Listrak Conductor and enable the tracking pixel.

  • Consider Cart Abandoned After: This field controls how long a contact must be inactive before a cart is considered abandoned. The five minute option can speed up testing, however the 60 minute option is suggested for a live campaign.

  • SCA List: This controls where contacts will be added after abandoning and will match the list set up in the first step of this guide.

  • Events: These events are used to add contacts to Listrak Conductor. The event name should match the names in the setting form.

    • Cart Abandon: This event fires when a contact places an item or items in their cart but does not complete their purchase.

    • Clear Cart: This event fires when a cart is cleared by a contact removing all items from the cart on your site and immediately removes a shopper from an abandonment conversation.

    • Purchase: This event fires when a purchase is made and removes a shopper from an abandonment conversation.

    • Product Browse: This event fires when a shopper views a product but doesn't make a purchase.

    • Page Browse: This event fires when a shopper views a product-category level page or any other page that does not feature one specific product, but doesn't make a purchase.

  • Cart Confirmation Tracking Pixel: This pixel is placed on the confirmation page of a cart and is used to confirm purchasers will not be inadvertently sent abandonment messages if your JavaScript did not fire as expected.

Apply your settings and click Save.

Cart Design

You will have a default cart HTML and cart text template in your cart abandonment settings. You can create new templates or edit existing templates to create a cart that matches your branding.

  • Cart Layout Template: The template drop-down provides all different cart layouts that have been designed in your account. You can preview each template populated by the data in a sample shopper's cart.

  • Sample Shopper: Sample shoppers are previous abandoners on your site. The template will display their data in the layout you specify.

    ⚠️ If you have incorporated a new field into your cart design the field will not render with a sample shopper because it was not collected when they abandoned.

Click here to learn more about customizing your cart design.


Use the drop-down menus on the left-hand side of the screen to send a test message. 

  1. Select a Sample Shopper.

  2. Select a Test Message from the list of messages saved on your abandonment list.

  3. Enter a Recipient Email Address.

  4. Click Send Test.

  5. The contact will now receive the saved email populated with the items from the sample shopper's cart or their last browsed item.

    ⚠️ If you are testing a new cart design with additional tags or data added, this may not populated if it was not collected when a sample shopper abandoned a cart or product.

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