The Listrak Support team can provide a range of assistance on the Listrak Platform. From setting up your branding, to confirming a message is set up correctly, or technical questions after implementation the team is here to help.

The Technical Support team is here to provide assistance on the following topics:

  • Branding and DKIM setup

  • How-to questions

  • Technical implementation needs

  • Feature requests

Providing the Listrak Technical Support Team with details about your issue can help provide the most consistent support as quickly as possible. Read below to learn about the different communication channels and what to include.

Listrak Support Contact Methods


Days & Time

✉️ Email:

8:30AM-8:30 PM ET

Monday - Friday

☎️ Phone: 1-717-627-4528 x1

8:30AM-8:30 PM ET

Monday - Friday

⌨️ In-Platform Chat

8:30AM-5:00 PM ET

Monday - Friday

🌃 After Hours Phone Support

Call Listrak: 1-877-362-4556 x1.

24/7 Phone Support

365 days a year

⚠️ Chat and Emails are not monitored after hours or during weekends.

Required Information

When contacting Listrak Support, please have the following information available:

  • Name

  • Company that is experiencing the issue

  • The username you are using to log into the Listrak Platform

  • Your question and/or the problem you are experiencing

This information will allow the Listrak Technical Support team to begin identifying the steps needed to help resolve the issue you are encountering or answer your question.

Additional Helpful Information

The information above is required for all issues addressed by Listrak Support. For technical issues, providing additional information can help reduce resolution time. Details that are helpful include:

  • Area of the Listrak platform where you are encountering the issue

  • Steps that you took in order for the team to replicate the issue you might be seeing

  • Screenshot of the issue

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