How do I change lists?

The list selector is still available within the platform. It will appear above the headline of the page you are viewing for areas of the platform dealing with email.

⚠️ The list selector does not appear on all pages related to email.

How do I change short codes?

The short selector is still available within the platform. It will appear above the headline of the page you are viewing for areas of the platform dealing with SMS.

How do I know where to find things in the platform?

All articles in the help center will provide you with a navigation path to help find information on a specific topic. For example, you may see a navigation path that looks like this: Contacts > Email Contacts Profile Fields

The first bold item indicates the main navigation item that you will hover over to see the additional items. In italics you will find the name of the group in which you will find the item and then in bold you will see the name of the page itself.

How do I create new messages?

In the messages navigation you will be able to create messages in any channel you have at Listrak, including email, SMS, and App Push. These messages can be scheduled as one-time or recurring broadcast messages. Email messages can also be saved for later use in Conductor or Journey Hub automated campaigns. Select New Email Broadcast, SMS Broadcast, or App Push Broadcast in the navigation to get started.

How do I create profile fields to use in my segmentation strategy?

Profile fields can be created for both the email and SMS channel. These fields allow you to reference information about a contact in a message and use this information to create a filter to help meet your segmentation strategy. To create a new email profile field, navigate to Contacts > Email Contacts Profile Fields. To create a new SMS profile field, navigate to Contacts > SMS Contacts Profile Fields.

⚠️ Profile fields are specific to an email list. Ensure you are on the correct list prior to creating a new field.

How do I access my Product Recommendations Recipes and Merchandise Blocks?

All of the settings for Listrak's Recommender, including Merchandise Blocks and Recipes can be accessed in the Solutions navigation under the Recommender heading. If you also use Listrak's Predictive Content solution, the Predictive Content settings will also appear under this heading.

What is the Content Navigation?

The content navigation has two major groups of resources 1) assets to help quickly create email messages and 2) web content to help acquire new contacts. Message assets that were previously labeled as content and media can now be found in this navigation, including templates, Saved Content, the media library, and the custom font manager. If you're looking to acquire contacts to receive these messages, the web content item will allow you to easily create popups and landing pages.

What is the difference between Dashboards and Analytics?

The key to determining if you need to view a dashboard or a specific analytics report is the scope of the data you are looking to view.

  • Dashboards allow you to view high-level data around a variety of metrics. For example, the list health dashboard can display email metrics around bounces, changes in list size, and what email domains are receiving your emails.

  • Dashboards also allows you to access your CRM dashboards, if you have CRM configured at Listrak. View all Group Dashboards and any Personal Dashboards you have created.

  • Analytics reports focus on a single type of data. For example, your message activity report focuses specifically on the engagement metrics for your marketing program.

How do I view my API IDs?

Information to support your overall marketing program, such as API IDs and Listrak's browser and unsubscribe link formatting can be found in the Help & Support navigation. You will find the ID information, SOAP API documentation, and REST API documentation.

How do I log out?

To log out of Listrak or change accounts, go to the Accounts navigation at the bottom left corner. Here you can log out, manage your users, and change your account settings.

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