The message activity report allows you to view analytics for messages that were sent to the list you are currently working in. This data includes activity such as opens, reads, clicks, etc. Message analytics for messages in conversations can be found under Analytics > Conversation Analytics

NOTE: This report does not include messages from Listrak Conductor conversations.

Let's take a look at the message activity report:

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Analytics

  2. Go to Message Analytics.

  3. Then Message Activity.

  4. The first thing you will see is a date range and an option to print, export, schedule an export, or hide the chart below the date range. The date range will determine what message data you will see. Double check the date range and change it accordingly if not all the messages you want to see are included. Click Update.


You can easily compare the overall revenue performance of two separate time periods. You can also compare metrics such as sends, opens, and clicks.

  1. Select a predetermined time frame from the drop-down menu (e.g. This Month, Last 7 Days, Today) to use as a starting point for your comparison OR select a custom time frame using the Start and End date fields. You can use the calendar pop-up to select dates by clicking the calendar icon.

  2. Select the time period for Comparison:

  • None: no time period to compare against; you only want to view one date range.

  • Previous Period: the exact previous number of days as the time period. 

For example: your initial date range is the month of May, which contains 31 days. Previous Period will compare the month of May against the 31 days prior to May 1. 

  • Previous Year: compares the current date range to the previous year's date range. 


1. Scroll below the graph to see more data, including an overview of the messages sent and below that more specific details on send message data.

2. Click the check box to Include Tests to include all test messages sent.
3. Change the way messages are grouped by selecting from the Group By drop-down menu.

NOTE: The group by feature can only be used for a single time period view, not while performing a period comparison.

4. Click Go to update the view.

5. To view more data, use the bottom scroll bar to scroll to the right. If you want to find specific data such as contacts who read the message, click on the number link for the corresponding message or group of messages in a campaign. To view the data for an entire campaign, click on the number link on the light blue bar.

NOTE: You can click on any underlined number to view more data.

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