API IDs are used to in REST method calls. You will need API IDs for assets such as lists, external events, and profile fields to add contacts to a list or enter contacts into an automated campaign.

💡 Before you begin, select the desired list from the list panel.

Navigate to Help & Support > Help & Support API ID Information

API ID Information Page

On the Information page you will see all of the API IDs associated with the data associated with a specific list: this includes the external events and profile fields saved on each list. You will also be able to identify the IDs associated with users who have access to a list.

List ID Details

This section contains the list title and list ID. The ListID is one of the most frequently used IDs in API calls to add contacts or profile data to the list associated with the ID.

Users with List Access

If you have multiple users on your account, this section displays all the users that have access to your list and what specific access they have. 

External Event IDs

If external events have been configured for Listrak Conductor Conversations on the list, the IDs for each external events will appear here. API calls can be used to enter a contact into a Conductor Conversation thread associated with the event using these IDs. For example, if you want to use the API to fire an external event to get customers into your welcome series, use the appropriate ID found here. 

Segment IDs

This section shows lists the IDs associated with the profile field groups and profile fields that is set up on your list. Segment IDs can be used in API calls to add or update a contact on the list. In the API call, you can specify the field as well as the value that should be written into the the field for a contact.

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