SMS message filtering categories can be used for message segmentation and personalization. A filter can be added to a message on the Setup Step when authoring any new message. Filtering categories include: Acquisition Campaign Keyword, Purchase Behavior, Profile Field, and Channel Activity - read more about how to use them below.

💡 The number of contacts included in the filter automatically excludes contacts who have suspended their service. A contact will be re-added to the filter count if they re-activate their service prior to the message being sent.

Criteria Types

Campaign Activity

This category will filter on either an acquisition Campaign Keyword or an Info Campaign Keyword. The system will retain the first Keyword used to subscribe and all Info Campaign Keywords sent by the contact. Click the link to learn more about setting up a Keyword Campaign or an SMS Info Campaign.

🎯 How to use this in a filter

  • Campaign Keyword: Equals KEYWORD targets contacts who subscribed using the specified keyword, which can signify a certain interest or channel depending on how you advertised the keyword.

  • Info Campaign Keyword: Equals KEYWORD 1, KEYWORD 2 targets contacts who selected either one of the Info Campaign keywords to send them content relevant to their interests.

Purchase Behavior

This category includes all purchase data associated with a contact regardless of channel as long as the SMS contact's purchase can be tied to their phone number, even if they only provided their email address during the checkout process. This enables a full view of the customer's buying behavior across all channels.

  • Has Purchased

  • Has Not Purchased

  • Total Spend

  • Average Order Value

  • Number Of Orders

  • First Order Date

  • Last Order Date

🎯 How to use this in a filter

  • Purchase Behavior: Last Order Date Is Less Than 90 Days Ago allows you to target purchase behavior based on recency and send a message to contacts who have made a purchase within the last 90 days.

Profile Fields

SMS has two types of SMS Profile Fields: System and Custom Fields. System Fields are automatically created by Listrak and the Custom Fields can be created by you and customized to fit your needs.

  • System Profile Fields (pre-set):

    • Birthday

    • Email Address

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Postal Code

    • Area Code

  • Custom Profile Fields:

🎯 How to use this in a filter

  • System Profile Field: Birthday Is Today allows you to target contacts who have a birthday on a given day. A recurring message sent daily can be used to wish these contacts a happy birthday.

Channel Activity

Channel Activity allows segmentation by SMS or Email Activity.

  • SMS Activity:

    • Subscribe Date

    • Last Click Date

    • Last Send Date

    • SMS Last Compliance Send Date

  • Email Activity:

    • Subscribe Date

    • Last Open Date

    • Last Read Date

    • Last Click Date

    • Last Send Date

    • Subscription State (Is or Is Not Subscribed)

    💡 Learn more how to collect a contact's email address by creating a data acquisition campaign.

🎯 How to use this in a filter

  • Channel Activity: SMS Last Click Date Is Less Than 14 Days Ago allows you to target contacts who have recently interacted with a text message that you sent them within the last 14 days.

  • Compliance: Use the SMS Last Compliance Send Date filter to ensure that all contacts on your list have received a message including compliance language in the last calendar month. Only broadcast messages that have compliance tracking enabled will populate the SMS Last Compliance Send Date.

For more information on filtering or SMS messaging, reach out to your Account Manager or Listrak Support!

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