Would you like to add value to your SMS marketing program by including personal touches like using a subscribers first name? This Listrak feature is called Personalization, and it uses profile fields like first name or any custom data that was collected using Data Acquisition messages or through a website Subscription Point. If we don't have their first name, you can add a default value and set it to whatever you want! Learn more about personalization below.

  1. Compose a message

  2. Click on the add personalization button

  3. Select the data to use for personalization from the drop-down

  4. Set a default value by adding the default value

  5. Complete the message setting by following the wizard

TIP: For First Name the default value of Friend would look like this:[[Contact:FirstName Default='Friend']]

If you do not want to set a default value another way to send a message with personalization is to set up a filter to segment the message to only contacts who have submitted their First Name. Using the First Name example, the filter would be Profile Field > First Name > Is Not Empty. Learn more about SMS Filtering.

For more information on SMS messaging, reach out to your Account Manager or Listrak Support!

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