List Subscription Campaigns are one of the primary drivers of acquisition for your SMS program, in addition to Keyword Campaigns. A List Subscription Campaign allows a contact to opt into your SMS program directly on your website through a form.

Common places to include List Subscription Campaigns include:

  • Desktop Popups

  • Preference Centers

  • Checkout Forms

  • Account Create Forms

What are the Requirements for a List Subscription Campaign?

Before you can launch a List Subscription Campaign on your website, you'll need to complete a few steps on your website and within the Listrak Platform.

  1. Create a List Subscription Campaign flow in Listrak

  2. If desired, set up profile fields to collect additional information

  3. Create an SMS Subscription Point in Listrak

  4. Build the form to collect SMS opt in

  5. Complete your JavaScript Subscription Code Integration

This guide will cover steps 1-3. Learn more about completing your JavaScript Subscription Code Integration. If you are integrating email and SMS subscription points follow this guide to set up the email subscription points before integrating with the JavaScript Subscription Code.

Creating a List Subscription Campaign

The first step is to create the List Subscription Campaign flow. This specifies the messaging experience a contact will have when they complete the form on your website.

To create a new campaign navigate to Messages > SMS SMS List Subscription > click New Campaign button > click the List Subscription Campaign card.

💡 If you have multiple short codes, you will need to select the correct short code from list navigation dropdown menu.


  1. Enter a Campaign Name that relates to the signup form.

  2. Select a List from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select Optional Opt-in Settings (Age Gate, Double Opt-in).

    1. An age gate can be used to restrict subscribers under a certain age. Select the age a contact must be and the contact will be prompted to reply with their birthday in order to complete subscription.

    2. A double opt in requires a contact to confirm their intention to subscribe by replying Y in order to complete subscription. This option is only available if configured for the list you selected in step #2.

  4. Select a Coupon Pool, if desired.

    A coupon pool allows you to include a custom unique or static code in your message by inserting it via a specific coupon tag.

  5. Click Continue.


  1. Enter applicable Listrak Conversion Analytics.

  2. Enter applicable Google Analytics.

  3. Click Continue.

💡 Listrak Conversion Analytics are only applicable if they are enabled at the short code level. These can be enabled by navigating to Settings > SMS Settings Short Code.


In the Compose section you will craft the specific messages a contact will receive when they fill out the form on your website.

💡 The specific messages you compose will be determined by the Opt-in Settings you select in the Setup section. Click the back button or click on Setup in the sidebar to make adjustments.

  • Age Gate

    This message should ask the contact to respond with their birthday to confirm they are eligible for the program. Include the accepted format for birth date (MM/DD/YYYY) so that a contact can respond correctly.

  • No-Entry Message

    This is the message a contact receives if the birth date they respond with does not meet the requirements for your age gate.

  • Welcome Message

    This is the first message a contact will receive once their subscription is confirmed. Be sure to include the required compliance information. Click the Plus Sign to include personalization in the message, including a Coupon Code, if selected in step #4 of Setup.

  • Extra Message

    An extra message can be sent after your initial Welcome Message if you would like to include more than 160 characters of content. Check the Capture Additional Data checkbox to ask a contact to provide information that can be saved in the System Fields of a contact's profile, such as email address, if desired.

  • Data Confirmation

    This message is sent if you have used the Capture Additional Data feature in the Welcome or Extra Message to confirm that you have received the requested information.


This is the last step before sending or scheduling the List Subscription Campaign and you will be able to review your message settings including:

  • Campaign Name

  • Double Opt-in or Age Gate Setup

  • List

  • Campaign Conversation (all messages will appear here)

If additional edits are required at this time, you can edit the message settings or content by clicking edit on this page.

To finish creating your list subscription campaign, click Confirm.

A popup will appear asking you to confirm you would like to activate the campaign.

Setting Up Custom Profile Fields

Once the List Subscription Campaign is set up this enables you to collect phone number though the form on your website, but you may want to collect additional information on that form and use it in your SMS program.

For example, if collecting information during an account create process you may want to also gather address, or on a preference center you may want to gather the types of products they are interested in.

💡 Don't forget to utilize your system fields like email address, first name, and birthday.

Listrak allows you to create up to 50 different custom profile fields in your SMS program. Learn more about how to set up these fields.

Setting Up the SMS Subscription Point

The next step is to set up the Subscription Point in Listrak. This determines what information is sent back to Listrak once the form has been submitted.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General Settings Subscription Points.

  2. Click New Subscription Point.

  3. Select the appropriate Merchant.

  4. Select SMS as the type.

Create a Subscription Point

  1. Enter a Subscription Point Name.

  2. Enter a Subscribe ID.

    💡 This can be any value, but is typically associated with the location of the form.

  3. Select a previously created List Subscription Campaign.

Add Mappings

Mappings are optional settings that specify the additional information that is collected along with phone number when a contact fills out a form. These should use the system fields or the custom profile fields you set up in the previous section.

  1. Click Add Profile Field.

  2. Enter an Input ID.

    💡 The Input ID can be any value, but is typically associated with the type of information collected.

  3. Select a Profile Field.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for additional fields, if necessary.

  5. Click Save.

Once you have completed the setup of your List Subscription Campaign flow and Subscription Point in Listrak you are ready to complete your Subscription Code Integration.

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