Target groups of contacts with dynamic segments based on similar interests and preferences, purchase behavior, SMS and Email message engagement.

Create a Filter for a New Broadcast Message

To begin building navigate to Messages > SMS SMS Broadcast > New Campaign > Broadcast SMS. 💡You will need to select the correct list from list navigation dropdown menu.

  1. Select the List.

  2. Click Add One-Time Filter.

  3. Select a criteria type from the dropdown.

    1. Click the Update Count button at any time to get a count of the number of contacts that match the defined rules.

    2. When the segment build is complete, click Apply Segment.

      💡 A number will appear next to the button indicating how many rules (sets of criteria) have been applied.

    3. To make changes, click the Add One-Time Filter. When complete click Apply Segment to apply changes to the filter.

      💡 Use the X to clear a rule or use the Close button at the bottom to exit the filter pop-up window.

  4. Continue creating the rest of the Broadcast message.

To Add a Filter to an Existing Message

Navigate to Messages > SMS SMS Broadcast.

💡 You will need to select the correct list from list navigation dropdown menu.

  1. Search for the existing message by clicking on the Draft, Scheduled or Recurring tab.

  2. Click the box next to the saved message name > click Edit.

  3. Repeat the steps 2 and 3 listed in the Create a Filter for a New Broadcast Message section.

To Save the One-Time Filter as a Filter for reuse

This option will help speed up the message creation process and can keep your groups organized, simply save as a draft with the applied filters targeting a group of contacts (e.g. loyalty members).

  1. Repeat the steps 1-3 listed in the Create a Filter for a New Broadcast Message section.

  2. Give the Message a Name > click Save.

    1. The message will be stored in the Draft tab on the Broadcast Messages dashboard.

  3. To use this in a new message, click the Draft tab > click the box next to the saved message name > click Duplicate.

  4. Continue creating a new Broadcast message.

Create Filters

These examples are intended to provide general guidance when using various types of criteria and filter operators. Data will be specific to each account.

⚠️ Recently* is an arbitrary time frame that you should determine based on your marketing strategy. The examples below are use various timeframes.

Example 1: Acquisition Keyword Campaigns

Send personalized content that is specific to the Keyword CONNECT contacts used to sign-up to your program.

Example 2: High-Value Buyers

Target high-value purchasers by referencing Number of Orders or their Average Order Value.

Example 3: Active Recent* Buyers

Target contacts who clicked a text message AND purchased in the last 35 days.

Example 4: Inactive Non-Buyers

Target contacts that have NOT clicked a text message recently* (last 30 days OR ever) AND never purchased.

💡 Helpful Tips

Since it is required to send a message once/month try to target your inactive non-buyers make sure to check the Compliance message so you can track it!

Example 5: Happy Birthday Message

If you have been collecting your contacts birthdays, now its time to send them a Happy Birthday message. You can configure this several ways, here are two of the examples:

  • Option 1: Send daily as a recurring message using the Is Today operator.

  • Option 2: Send bi-monthly as a recurring message using the Is Within the Next 14 days to target contacts who have a birthday on a given day within that timeframe.

Example 6: Recent Buyers per location

If you have been collecting your contacts zip codes, use this data to target those who have purchased recently* (last 30 days) AND within a specific radius to a store's location to promote in store promotions.

Example 7: Stay in Compliance

To ensure that all contacts on your list have received a message including compliance language in the last calendar month use this filter.

Example 8: SMS Holiday Activity

Target contacts who have engaged with a text message during a specific time frame, such as the holiday season.

Example 9: Cross Channel ReEngagement

Target those who are still subscribed to your email list but haven't recently* (in the last 60 days) engaged on that channel through SMS.

💡 Helpful Tips

  1. This is the same UI when building filters in SMS split tests.

  2. Filtering is not available in keyword or list subscription campaigns.

  3. Message filters cannot exceed 20 rules, including the rules within each saved segment applied to a filter.

  4. The secondary operators, contains/equals for text and is more/less than for dates, require there to be a value in the field to evaluate a contact.

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