Capturing new subscribers is an important strategy for optimizing your email marketing campaigns. An easy way to obtain new subscribers is through a signup point on your website. Listrak makes it easy to add HTML to your website to with form code. 

1. Navigate from the home menu to Support.
2. Go to Code Support.
3. Then Subscribe Contact Form.
4. On the Code Support: Contact Subscribe Form page, select your options:

  • Segment Field Groups to Include: Select additional field groups to include in your subscribe form; email address will always be included. After the form code is generated, you can easily remove any profile fields you do not want to display. You can make edits to fields you actually want to use when you generate the form code.
  • After submission, redirect to: You can design the form to redirect to a custom page after a contact fills out the form (which is recommended for a better user experience). Enter the URL in the text box. If you don’t put anything here, the page will automatically redirect to Listrak’s generic subscription confirmation page:

5. Enable Double Opt-In: Used to require your contacts to confirm their subscription in the double opt-in system message when this is turned on.

NOTE: We don’t recommend using double opt-in features, but it is available for you. Typically, this is left at the default setting of No.

  • After the contact signs up through your website, a message that will be sent to them asking them to click to confirm. This message is located under Authoring > System Messages > Double Opt-In.

6. Send Welcome Email: Used to send the “Welcome” system message located under Authoring > System Messages > Welcome. This is not the same as Welcome Series Conductor campaigns. Please note that when turned on, this will not place your contacts into your Welcome Series solution. 

NOTE: We don’t recommend using this feature but instead encourage you to use a fully developed Welcome Series campaign. Typically, this is left at the default setting of No.

7. Include External Events: You have the option to select external events to execute on signup. This places your subscribers into a Conductor conversation as selected by these settings, such as your Welcome Series solution, upon subscription.

8. Click Update.

9. Click Select All at the top right of the form code text area to copy the code.

10. Place the subscribe form code directly onto your website, or have your web developer brand the code for you as needed.

NOTE: If you use the form code from the application, a customer who unsubscribes and then attempts to re-subscribe will receive a double opt-in message.

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