Your emails provide a way for contacts to opt-out of your email program, but you may want to provide a page or section of your website to allow contacts to unsubscribe from your program. Listrak's Unsubscribe Contact Form Code generates the email input that a contact fills out.

Generate Form Code

Before generating the form code, navigate to the list you want the contact to be unsubscribed from after filling out the form.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Support
2. Go to Code Support.
3. Then Subscribe Contact Form

4. On the page, customize your options

  • Send Goodbye Email: This toggle enables the system goodbye message that confirms a contact has been unsubscribed from the list. The Goodbye Email can be customized by visiting Authoring > System Messages > Goodbye.

  • After submission, redirect to: You can design the form to redirect to a custom page after a contact fills out the form. Enter the URL in the text box. If you don’t specify a redirect location, the page will automatically redirect to Listrak’s generic confirmation page.

5. Update the properties

Editing the Form

After creating the form you may want to edit the appearance, such as removing the headline. You can edit the form code to change these elements. Copy the raw code from the Unsubscribe Form window in Listrak and paste it into your external code editor. Some elements of the form you may want to edit the appearance. In the example below, you will learn how to delete elements you do not need in a specific form.

⚠️ Do not delete the form or input tags at the top of the page. These elements are what will allow your form to work.

Delete Form Headlines

1. Start at the top of the <table>.

2. Delete the ‘Please fill out this information’ row. Be sure to start with the beginning <tr> tag, and select everything until the ending <tr> tag.

Once your edits are complete, you can now save your text file locally on your machine as filename.HTML. This file can now be opened in web application and you can test the form by unsubscribing email addresses to your Listrak account.


Once you have saved the HTML form you can open it in a browser. Input your test information and submit the form. You be directed confirmation screen if you did not define a redirect URL when you generated the code. If you did specify a redirect, you should be taken to the specified page.

Once you have submitted the form you will want to confirm that it was unsubscribed from Listrak correctly. The change may take a few minutes to appear in the Listrak platform.

With the same list selected in the left-hand corner when the code was generated:

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts

  2. Then Search for a Contact

  3. Enter the address you used to test

  4. Select Unsubscribed checkbox from the Where setting

  5. Click Search

  6. If you find the email address the form is functioning correctly

Place the form code directly onto your website, or have your web developer use your web styling to brand your code.

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