When generating your subscribe form under Help & Support > Help & Support Subscribe Contact Form, you have the option to choose field groups to go along with the form. Choosing Source as a field group generates a checkbox that can be used to determine the subscription point by which your contact subscribed. However, you may not want to leave it up to the contact to select the checkbox.

💡 In the form below, there is a checkbox for the footer subscription point. 

To hide the checkbox and also make it default to being checked:

  1. Locate the code snippet for the checkbox. In this case, it is for the footer of the website. 

    💡 If you have not already added the form code to your website you can copy it from the form code creator.

  2. To hide the checkbox from the end user, remove the highlighted code in the image below. This code features an input tag and a label for the footer. This line of code displays the checkbox that is currently on the form.

  3. To ensure that the checkbox is always selected by default, change the value in value= from "off" to "on in the line that contains the type=hidden under the code you previous deleted. This will make sure the checkbox that is hidden from the form is checked, or on.

  4. Your code should now look similar to what you see below.

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