You can use the Contacts Dashboard to view and maintain your subscribed and opted-out contacts. Access the Contacts Dashboard by navigating from the home menu to Contacts > View Contacts.

  • Add Contacts: Enter a single contact phone number to subscribe or upload contacts in bulk.

  • Subscribed/Opted-Out: Displays a list of all contacts according to their subscription status.

  • Edit: Edit, unsubscribe, or ban a contact selected from the list.

  • Ban: Remove a contact from the short code list.

  • List Dropdown: Choose a list from the dropdown to display contacts that have opted into the selected list. (Defaults to show All Lists).

  • All Dropdown (on Opted-Out tab): Choose an opted-out method from the dropdown to display contacts that have been removed based on the selected reason.

  • Search: Search the contact list by a phone number.

  • Sort: Use this function to sort columns.

  • Show/Hide Column: Customize your grid with the areas you want to view.

Subscribed Contacts

The information below is available for contacts that have subscribed to your list. Opt-ins or subscribers are contacts that have been imported, subscribed via a form, or texted a keyword campaign to join a short code list.

Interested in learning more about the health of your SMS lists, read the SMS List Dashboard article.

  • Phone: A contact's mobile number that's subscribed.

  • Email: A contact's email address, if it was provided.

  • Subscribe Date: The date a contact subscribed to a list.

  • List Name: The list to which the contact is subscribed to.

Opted-Out Contacts

Opt-outs are unsubscribed short code contacts that have been removed via the default unsubscribe keyword, such as STOP, manually opted-out, or banned from the short code by an administrator.

  • Phone: A contact's mobile number that's subscribed.

  • Email: A contact's email address, if it was provided.

  • Opt-out Date: The date a contact opted-out.

  • Reason: The method or reason assigned to a contact that has been opted-out of the short code. Methods include:
    ▪️ Mobile Originated User (MO): Mobile Originated (MO) text message sent from a consumer's mobile device to (opt-in/opt-out) of a short code.
    ▪️ Delivery Failure: Assigned when Listrak receives information back from the delivery receipt indicating a phone number is no longer in use or service.
    ▪️ Opt-out: Assigned when a Listrak platform user removes a subscriber from the list via the Contacts page.
    ▪️ API: Assigned when the Unsubscribe Contact API is used to successfully unsubscribe someone from Listrak.
    ▪️ Import: Assigned when a Contact file is imported to Listrak used to opt-out contacts.
    ▪️ Deactivate: Assigned when a phone number is shared by carriers as numbers no longer associated with that carrier.
    ▪️ Banned: Assigned when a contact is permanently removed from all communication with the short code in Listrak.

View and Edit a Contact

You can view or edit a single contact's information by following the below steps:

  1. Select a single contact checkbox.

  2. Click Edit.

You can then edit the contact system profile fields, such as:

  • First and Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Birthday

  • Postal Code

You will also see the last time a contact received a broadcast message that contained compliance messaging. This date is based on the tracking you can enable when adding the compliance message when creating a broadcast SMS, MMS, or data acquisition message.

Contact SMS System Fields

The custom fields tab allows you to edit any of the previously created custom fields for a contact. Click here to learn more about creating custom fields.

Contact SMS Custom Fields

Lastly, view a 90-day snapshot of the recent conversation history for an individual contact.

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