You can use the Contacts Dashboard to add new contacts, view subscribed and opted-out contacts, or edit profile data. Access the Contacts Dashboard by navigating from the home menu to Contacts > View Contacts.

  • Add Contacts: Enter a single contact phone number to subscribe or upload contacts in bulk.

  • Subscribed/Opted-Out: Displays a list of all contacts according to their subscription status.

  • Export Contacts (icon): Export either the subscribed contacts or opted-out contacts.

  • Edit: Edit, unsubscribe, or ban a contact selected from the list.

  • Ban: Remove a contact from the short code list.

  • List Dropdown: Choose a list from the dropdown to display contacts that have opted into the selected list. (Defaults to show All Lists).

  • All Dropdown (on Opted-Out tab): Choose an opted-out method from the dropdown to display contacts that have been removed based on the selected reason.

  • Search: Search the contact list by a phone number.

  • Sort: Use this function to sort columns.

  • Show/Hide Column: Customize your grid with the areas you want to view.

Add Contacts

Choose to add a single contact or use the file import option to upload multiple contacts to the short code.

Click here to learn more about the preferred and accepted file formats before adding a single or multiple contacts.

Adding a Single Contact

To begin click Add Contacts > Single Contact.

  1. Enter the Phone Number.

  2. Select a list to subscribe a contact to from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. Enter any additional profile data (not required).

7. Click Save to add contact (and data) to the short code.

Adding multiple contacts via File Import

To begin click Add Contacts > File Import and follow the 3 step import process:

  1. Upload File

    1. Drag and drop the file into the window or click Browse to upload.

  2. Import Settings

    1. Check the box to enter subscribers into all List Subscription Workflows associated with this list (not required).

    2. Select an import action from the drop-down menu: add/update contacts, update existing contacts, or opt-out contacts.

    3. Select a list from the drop-down menu to import the contacts to.

    4. Select an option if the contact already exists on the list: update fields, append new fields, or overwrite fields.

    5. Check the box if the first line of the file contains column names.

  3. Configure Import Layout

    1. Select the profile fields from the dropdown for each row of sample data to connect the import data to the correct profile fields in the short code.

  4. Click Import to complete the upload process.

Contact Import Status

  • Processed: The total number of contacts that were supplied for the import.

  • Opted-in: The total number of contacts that were added to the selected list for the import.

  • Ignored Contacts: The total number of contacts processed and not imported for one of the following reasons: Previously Opted-out or Previously Banned.

  • List Import Settings: View at-a-glance the settings you previously selected:

  • List Name

  • Field Update Type

  • Import Type

Export Contacts

A list of the subscribed or opted-out contacts can be exported by following these steps:

  1. Select the subscribed or opted-out tab to determine the status type of the contacts that will be exported.

  2. If desired, apply filters to refine the list of contacts in the export. Each status will have filters applicable to the export and need to be applied before clicking the Configure Export icon:

    1. Subscribed contacts filter options:

      1. By List - select from the list dropdown. Leaving the default selection of All Lists will export contacts from all lists in the short code.

      2. Phone number - add a partial or full phone number in the search bar.

    2. Opted-out contact filter options:

      1. By Status (reason) - select from the status dropdown. Leaving the default selection of All will export contacted that were opted-out for any reason from the short code.

      2. Phone number - add a partial or full phone number in the search bar.

  3. Click on the Configure Export icon in the top right corner of the table.

  4. Select an email address from the recipients dropdown.

    💡 Only users configured in your Listrak account will appear in this list

  5. Click Export

The file will be emailed to you from Listrak and will contain a link that is available for three days from which the file can be downloaded.

The fields included in the .csv export file are:

  • Phone Number

  • List Name

  • Last Send Date

  • Last Click Date

  • Subscribe Date

  • Subscribe Method

  • Email Address

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Postal Code

  • Birthday

  • Compliance Last Sent Date

  • Keyword

  • Custom Profile Fields

Subscribed Contacts

The information below is available for contacts that have subscribed to your list. Opt-ins or subscribers are contacts that have been imported, subscribed via a form, or texted a keyword campaign to join a short code list.

Interested in learning more about the health of your SMS lists, read the SMS List Dashboard article.

  • Phone: A contact's mobile number that's subscribed.

  • Email: A contact's email address, if it was provided.

  • Subscribe Date: The date a contact subscribed to a list.

  • List Name: The list to which the contact is subscribed to.

Opted-Out Contacts

Opt-outs are unsubscribed short code contacts that have been removed via the default unsubscribe keyword, such as STOP, manually opted-out, or banned from the short code by an administrator.

  • Phone: A contact's mobile number that's subscribed.

  • Email: A contact's email address, if it was provided.

  • Opt-out Date: The date a contact opted-out.

  • Reason: The method or reason assigned to a contact that has been opted-out of the short code. Methods include:
    ▪️ Mobile Originated User (MO): Mobile Originated (MO) text message sent from a consumer's mobile device to (opt-in/opt-out) of a short code.
    ▪️ Delivery Failure: Assigned when Listrak receives information back from the delivery receipt indicating a phone number is no longer in use or service.
    ▪️ Opt-out: Assigned when a Listrak platform user removes a subscriber from the list via the Contacts page.
    ▪️ API: Assigned when the Unsubscribe Contact API is used to successfully unsubscribe someone from Listrak.
    ▪️ Import: Assigned when a Contact file is imported to Listrak used to opt-out contacts.
    ▪️ Deactivate: Assigned when a phone number is shared by carriers as numbers no longer associated with that carrier.
    ▪️ Banned: Assigned when a contact is permanently removed from all communication with the short code in Listrak.

View and Edit a Contact

You can view or edit a single contact's information by following the steps below:

Option 1

  1. Select the checkbox next to a single contact.

  2. Click Edit.

Option 2

  1. Click the phone number (directs you to the Message Activity tab).

  2. Select the System Fields tab to make any edits to their profile information.

Select the System Fields, Custom Fields, or Message Activity tab to view the contact's information or to make edits.

System Fields

Edit the contact system profile fields, such as:

  • First and Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Birthday

  • Postal Code

You will also see the last time a contact received a broadcast message that contained compliance messaging. This date is based on the tracking you can enable when adding the compliance message when creating a broadcast SMS, MMS, or data acquisition message.

Contact SMS System Fields

Custom Fields

Edit any of the previously created custom fields for a contact. Click here to learn more about creating custom fields.

Contact SMS Custom Fields

Message Activity

View a 90-day snapshot of the contact's message activity history.

For more information on SMS messaging, reach out to your Account Manager or Listrak Support!

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