Providing support to your customers in their preferred channel not only provides the customer the best experience, but also provides your team a channel to communicate where the customer is most likely to respond.

Listrak's Two-Way SMS Conversations unlocks a new method to support your customers, all configured within the Listrak platform. Using Listrak's API and webhook functionality, a contact who has confirmed that they want to be contacted over text message, can begin communicating with a customer service representative.

These contacts do not have to be members of your SMS program or have an existing open support ticket. If an open ticket is identified, the information will be attributed to the open case.

Who can receive Two-Way SMS Messages?

A contact does not have to be subscribed to your Listrak SMS program to exchange messages with your customer service team. When a contact sends a response that is not expected by another SMS program (such as Inbound Keyword, Acquisition Keyword, or collecting data for a profile field) your customer service representatives respond to those contacts.

How does Listrak send and receive these texts?

Integrating with Listrak's Two-Way API integration allows Listrak's transactional API service to send customer service responses to a contact. The two-way communication enables Listrak to pass information between a contact and your customer service platform. Listrak is also able to call back previous messages (if existing) with a contact's phone number to provide additional context.

How will the customer service representative be able to respond to messages?

After completing the API setup, your customer service representatives will be able to respond to messages directly in your customer service platform. Your integration will specify where messages from contacts should be sent and the API will be used to transit responses back to the contact.

Two-Way API Set Up

The first step is to set up the Listrak Two-Way Conversations API integration. The API Integration allows the responses from the Customer Service team and customer to be passed to each other and retrieve ticket information, such as previous communication, status, or case number.

Navigate to Manage > Integrations.

  1. In the New Listrak Integration section, click Integrate on the Two-Way Conversations card.

  2. Click Set Up Integration.

  3. In the pop-up, select the Custom Two-Way SMS Conversation Integration option.

  4. In the properties:

    1. Update the name, if desired.

    2. Select your short code.

    3. Add your endpoint.

    4. Whitelist your IP address or range. Or select the disable checkbox.

    5. Generate your Client ID and Secret.

      💡 Save these values for later reference.

Two-Way API Authentication

Once your API Integration is configured, you will want to authenticate your API using OAuth 2.0. Learn more about Listrak's API Authentication in the REST API Documentation.

Integrate with Your Customer Service Platform

With Listrak's API integration installed, you can now create an integration with your Customer Service platform. You can use third-party or custom-created integrations based on the capabilities of your customer service platform.

With this integration, your customer support representative is able to include links in their response. These links will automatically be shortened when sending through the Listrak Public API.

If you have multiple short codes you will need to create an integration for each short code. This allows your customer service team to manage support tickets for multiple Listrak merchants.

Check back often for more information as Listrak builds integrations with additional Customer Service Platforms.

Responding to Tickets

Once your API has been set up in Listrak and integrated with your customer service platform, you can begin responding to tickets that can be sent to a contact via SMS.

You can also use Listrak's Two-Way API to open and close tickets, if necessary. Learn more about this function.

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