Providing support to your customers in their preferred channel not only provides the customer the best experience, but also provides your team a channel to communicate where the customer is most likely to respond.

Listrak's Two-Way SMS Conversations system unlocks a new method to support your customers via text message, all configured within the Listrak platform. Within the Listrak Platform, you can view all non-recognized responses contacts have sent to your short code that are not associated with any keyword or list subscription campaign, broadcast campaign or automated journey messages; the exception is requested information from a data acquisition campaign will not appear in the console. This allows you to gain a better understanding of potential site issues (e.g. if a coupon code is not valid) or identify opportunities to improve experience for customers (e.g. track complaints about the checkout process).

In addition, you can integrate with your customer service platform to allow your customer service representatives to communicate via text message directly from their existing platform. These contacts do not have to be members of your SMS program or have an existing open support ticket. If an open ticket is identified, the information will be attributed to the open case.

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About Two-Way SMS Communication

Who can receive Two-Way SMS Messages?

A contact does not have to be subscribed to your Listrak SMS program to exchange messages with your customer service team, if integrating your platform. When a contact sends a response that is not expected by another SMS program (such as Inbound Keyword, Acquisition Keyword, or collecting data for a profile field) you or your customer service representatives have the ability to respond to these contacts.

How does Listrak send and receive these texts?

All responses from a contact opted into your SMS program that are not expected will be viewable within the Listrak Platform under Two-Way SMS. This can be a helpful way to identify potential issues reported from contacts opted into your SMS marketing program.

In addition, when integrating with Listrak's Two-Way API integration, this allows Listrak's transactional API service to send customer service responses to a contact. The two-way communication enables Listrak to pass information between a contact and your customer service platform. Listrak is also able to call back previous messages (if existing) with a contact's phone number to provide additional context.

How will the customer service representative be able to respond to messages?

Messages sent and received within the last 30 days will also appear in the Listrak platform. While the majority of messages will be handled by your team, you will have the ability to respond to messages from within the Listrak Two-Way SMS interface directly in the Listrak platform.

After completing the API setup, your customer service representatives will be able to respond to messages directly in your customer service platform. Your integration will specify where messages from contacts should be sent and the API will be used to transit responses back to the contact.

How do messages get sent to customer service representatives?

Listrak's Two-Way SMS functionality uses Natural Language Processing services to determine which messages should automatically be sent to your customer service representatives and which messages should have a contact confirm they wish to speak to a representative. For example, texting something such as order status may automatically route a contact to your customer service representative.

The Natural Language Processing functionality allows your customer service representatives to focus on tickets that are most likely to be important by breaking down responses into different categories.

A contact may have three different experiences, depending on how critical the Natural Language Processing determines their specific response.

For issues the process understands (e.g. clearly worded issues) contacts are automatically sent to a customer service representative to help resolve the issue.

For issues the process cannot easily understand (e.g. not asking a direct question or unclearly worded questions) a contact will be sent the Two Way Invalid Reply response. This response prompts the user to text the keyword AGENT if they would like to speak to a customer service representative. If a contact texts the keyword, their information will automatically be sent to your customer service representatives to aid with a resolution or gather more information, if necessary.

If a contact texts the AGENT keyword in directly (does not ask a question, just texts AGENT) they will automatically be routed to a customer service representative.

Viewing Messages in the Listrak Platform

The SMS area of the Listrak Platform allows you to view conversations that have been received to your SMS short code.

To view conversations, navigate to Messages > SMS SMS Conversations.

💡 If you have multiple short codes, you will need to select the correct short code from list navigation dropdown menu.

You will see conversation messages sent to the short code you have selected in the SMS interface.

Key Interface Features

  • Toggle the tabs to view all messages or only view unread messages

  • A blue dot next to a message indicates it is unread

  • A contact's name will be listed in the message panel if known, if not known the phone number will be displayed

  • View 20 messages per page in the messages panel

  • Messages are sorted by last contact date

💡 All time listed in the SMS platform is in Eastern Time.

Managing Messages

Clicking into a specific phone conversation will display past communication with the same phone number, if available.

💡 Conversations from the last 30 days will appear in the Listrak Interface.

Key Interface Features

  • Click Mark Unread to remove a conversation's read notification

  • Click the three dots to unsubscribe a contact from your SMS program

  • Messages will automatically refresh as new messages or responses to existing tickets are received.

  • The 20 most recent responses within a conversation will display by default. You can load additional responses to gain context to view any messages sent within the last 30 days

Responding to Messages in the Listrak Platform

If desired, you can respond to messages directly within the Listrak Platform. Using Listrak's Two-Way API, your customer service team can also respond directly in your CSR software by completing an integration with Listrak.

Key Interface Features

  • Click Mark Unread to remove a conversation's read notification

  • Click the three dots to unsubscribe a contact from your SMS program

  • When viewing a specific conversation, you can type directly into the interface and click send

  • You can send messages in both SMS and the MMS format

  • Acceptable file formats for MMS are: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, mp3, mp4, and .vcf

  • Add emojis and media by clicking on the button on the interface

  • Messages can be sent in either French or English

  • The send option will be disabled in a contact's last response is STOP

⚠️ Compliance Considerations ⚠️

When responding to messages in Listrak's Two-Way SMS platform you should still follow general SMS compliance guidelines. Quiet Hour guidelines still apply to all message responses. In addition, if your brand has special opt-in considerations, such as an age gate, these should be considered as contacts do not have to be opted-in to your SMS program to appear in the conversation tab.

You will also need to include your Program (Brand) name in the messages. For Canadian short codes, all messages must contain language to indicate that there may be additional costs, such as "Standard message & data rates may apply."

The last compliance consideration is the option to turn off the automated responses configured in your short code. These messages (HELP, STOP, Failure, and Invalid Reply) are sent when a contact texts your short code with an unexpected response. If you remove this automated response, your team will be responsible for replying to all messages received within 24 hours. You can turn these automated messages on or off at any time by visiting Settings > SMS Settings Short Code.

💡 Your HELP and STOP messages will still send if a contact texts these words into your short code.

Two-Way API Set Up to Manage Customer Service Tickets

If you would like to integrate your customer service platform with Listrak's SMS service, the first step is to set up the Listrak Two-Way Conversations integration with partner integration or Listrak's API. The API Integration allows the responses from the Customer Service team and customer to be passed to each other and retrieve ticket information, such as previous communication, status, or case number.

The information sent and received from by your Customer Service team will also be visible in the Listrak SMS Conversations interface.

Gorgias Partner Integration

Gorgias's e-commerce help provides a place to centralize all of your help tickets in one place. Integrating with Listrak's Two-Way SMS service allows you to send SMS help responses through Listrak, all managed in the Gorgias Help Platform.

First, you will need to gather details in the Gorgias platform.

  1. Log in to the Gorgias website.

  2. Click on the three dots in the sidebar menu.

  3. Click on the Settings navigation item.

  4. In the settings menu, select the REST API item.

  5. You will use the Copy button to gather the credentials that will be inserted in the Listrak integration.

In the Listrak Platform, navigate to Integrations > Integrations Integrations Management.

  1. In the New Listrak Integration section, click Integrate on the Two-Way Conversations card.

  2. Click Set Up Integration.

  3. In the pop-up, select the Gorgias Customer Service option.

  4. In the authentication section, add your Gorgias credentials:

    1. Name your Gorgias/Listrak integration.

    2. Add your Gorgias API URL copied from Gorgias.

    3. Input your Gorgias Username copied from Gorgias.

    4. Add your Gorgias API Key copied from Gorgias.

  5. Click Connect to verify your Gorgias credentials.

  6. In the Setup tab, select your provisioned SMS short code that should send the responses.

  7. Click Save.

Integrate with Your Custom Customer Service Platform

If using a custom integration, you will first create the integration in the Listrak platform and then you can create an integration with your Customer Service platform. You can use third-party or custom-created integrations based on the capabilities of your customer service platform.

With this integration, your customer support representative is able to include links in their response. These links will automatically be shortened when sending through the Listrak Public API.

If you have multiple short codes you will need to create an integration for each short code. This allows your customer service team to manage support tickets for multiple Listrak merchants.

Read more below on creating a custom integration in Listrak.

Custom Two-Way Integration

Navigate to Integrations > Integrations Integrations Management.

  1. In the New Listrak Integration section, click Integrate on the Two-Way Conversations card.

  2. Click Set Up Integration.

  3. In the pop-up, select the Custom Two-Way SMS Conversation option.

  4. In the properties:

    1. Update the name, if desired.

    2. Select your short code.

    3. Add your endpoint.

    4. Whitelist your IP address or range. Or select the disable checkbox.

    5. Generate your Client ID and Secret.

      💡 Save these values for later reference.

Two-Way API Authentication

Once your API Integration is configured, you will want to authenticate your API using OAuth 2.0. Learn more about Listrak's API Authentication in the REST API Documentation.
Check back often for more information as Listrak builds integrations with additional Customer Service Platforms.

Responding to Tickets

Once your API has been set up in Listrak and integrated with your customer service platform, you can begin responding to tickets that can be sent to a contact via SMS. These messages will also appear in the Listrak Two-Way SMS Conversations interface discussed above.

You can also use Listrak's Two-Way API to open and close tickets, if necessary. Learn more about this function.

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