A subscription point on your website is the easiest and most effective way to grow your list. Integrating multiple subscription points on your site to provide many ways contacts can add their email address increases your reach.

There are a few steps that are required to set up email subscription points

  1. Complete the website integration via JavaScript

  2. Create profile fields to collect additional information

  3. Create the email subscription point

  4. Complete the JavaScript Subscription Code Integration

This guide will provide instructions on steps 2 and 3. Use the links above to ensure your JavaScript integration is complete and then to complete the subscription integration. If you are also integrating subscription points to collect SMS signups please follow this guide.

Creating a Profile Field

Once you have completed the main JavaScript Integration you're ready to create custom profile fields. Profile fields hold information about a contact who is subscribed to your list. When used with a subscription point, these profile fields can collect additional information a contact filled out on a subscriber form. For example, collecting First Name on an Account Create form or Address on a Checkout form.

When creating a profile field you will need to create an field group if one does not already exist. This is the a file folder or way to organize information. You will then need to create a field for the specific piece of information. If a field already exists you can use the field in the next step below.

For more information on creating a profile field follow this guide.

Setting Up an Email Subscription Point

Once all of the profile fields you wish to collect have been created you can begin setting up your subscription points within the Listrak Platform.

⚠️ Before you create the subscription point, ensure you are on the correct list in your email program. This will typically be labeled as Master List.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Subscription Points.

  2. Click New Subscription Point.

  3. Select the appropriate Merchant.

  4. Select Email as the type.

Create a Subscription Point

  1. Enter a Subscription Point Name.

  2. Enter a Subscribe ID.

  3. Select a List where the contact will be subscribed when they complete the form.

    This should match the list you are currently viewing

  4. Toggle on Double Opt In or Override Subscribe if required.

  5. Select one or more External Event(s) from the drop-down.

    An external event can be used to trigger a contact into a Conductor conversation thread.

💡 If you would like to resubscribe contacts that were previously subscribed but currently unsubscribed when they submit their email on this subscription point, set the Override Unsubscribe option to On.

Collecting Additional Profile Fields

You can now specify what additional information Listrak should store in profile fields if the field has been filled out on the form.

  1. Click Add Profile Field in Mappings to collect additional attributes.

  2. Enter an Input ID.

    This should relate to the piece of information being collected.

  3. Select the Field Group where the field is located.

  4. Select the desired Field.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to add additional fields, if necessary.

  6. Click Save.

Repeat the process above for all subscription points you are integrating. Once this is complete you can complete the Subscription Code Integration.

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