This is where you will bring all the previous elements together in identifying when a subscriber signs up, what event is triggered, what is the source, and what personal information is collected. If you would like to do this, follow the steps outlined here.


  1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts.

  2. Click Subscription Points.

  3. Click New Subscription Point.

  4. Select the appropriate Merchant.

  5. Select Email.


  1. Enter a Subscription Point Name.

  2. Enter a Subscribe ID.

  3. Select a List for the Subscriber List.

  4. Toggle on Double Opt In or Override Subscribe if required.

  5. Select one or more External Event(s) from the drop-down.

TIP: Override Unsubscribe: If you would like to resubscribe contacts that were previously subscribed but currently unsubscribed when they submit their email on this subscription point, set the Override Unsubscribe option to On.

  1. Click Add Profile Field in Mappings to collect additional attributes.

  2. Enter an Input ID.

  3. Select a Field Group.

  4. Select a Field.

  5. Add another Profile Field or click Save.

You can now integrate the email Subscription Point with your website. If you would like additional instruction please contact Listrak Support!

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