SMS Keyword Campaigns or List Subscription Campaigns on your website are a great way to acquire new contacts on your SMS list. These allow you to provide an incentive to contacts who may have signed up to your SMS list. You may also want to send new SMS subscribers additional messages to nurture the relationship and provide additional information about your business after the Keyword Campaigns and List Subscription Campaigns. The SMS List Subscription Campaign in Journey Hub allows you to send additional messages to your new SMS subscribers.

Pictured below is an example of a campaign that could be created in Journey Hub. This example campaign changes a contact's experience based on if they had been subscribed to SMS previously and the method used to subscribe new contacts to the list.

Follow the steps below to learn how to set up the decision splits that are unique to the SMS List Subscription journey and how to use the other elements to create a journey that meets your goals.

Creating the journey

1. Open the channel select drop-down.
2. Select Journey Hub.
3. Select the New Journey button.
4. In the event select popup, select SMS List Subscription

5. Give the journey a unique name in the interface.

Adjusting the Entry Event Properties

Next, adjust the properties of the entry event by clicking on the element. The entry event controls who is eligible to enter the journey.

In the properties panel, adjust the following:

1. Select the list associated with the SMS short code.
2. Next, customize the re-entry rules by selecting how frequently contacts can re-enter the campaign.
💡 Configuring the entry event to No Limit allows you to message contacts who have unsubscribed from your SMS program if they later resubscribe.
3. Then, customize the entry prevention rules, which prevent a contact from entering the current journey if they are already a participant in another journey, if desired.

Configuring a Wait Step

The first step that should be added to all SMS List Subscription Campaigns is a one-day wait step, placed immediately after the entry event with no intervening steps.

When a contact subscribes to Listrak's SMS program there is a 24-hour time span during which Listrak can listen for additional data provided by a contact through data acquisition campaigns in the SMS channel, such as their email address, postal code, etc. The information Listrak can listen for can be customized in the initial message setup for those campaigns in the SMS channel.

Configuring a one-day wait step in the journey allows Listrak to collect additional data about contacts, which can then be use to customize a contact's path in the journey.

1. Drag a wait step on to the canvas right after the entry event.

2. In the properties, adjust the wait duration to 1 day.

Configuring the Marketing Status Criteria in a Subscription Split

The Marketing Status criteria in a subscription split allows you to customize the experience for a contact who is a new subscriber to the SMS program compared to subscribers who have been subscribed previously, unsubscribed, and are resubscribing.

1. Click on the plus sign under the wait step.

2. Add the Subscription Split element.

3. In the elements panel, select SMS Resubscriber in the Yes path.

4. Select the SMS List.

Now, resubscribers to your SMS list will flow down the Yes Path, while new subscribers will flow down the No Path.

Configuring the SMS Subscription Source Split in a Subscription Split

The SMS Subscription Source criteria allows you to provide different experiences to contacts based on how they have been subscribed to your SMS list. For instance, tailor the experience for those who were acquired via specific keywords, those who were acquired via a subscription point, or those who were added during an import.

1. Click on the plus sign in the No path

2. Add an Subscription Split

3. Select the SMS Subscription Source as the criteria in the Yes path.

4. Then select the list associated with your short code

5. In the Select Source drop-down, select all the sources that would be included

💡 You can select multiple sources from the source drop-down

Configure the Paths of the Source Split

After the contacts in the journey have been split based on their subscription source, you can customize their experience by adding elements in each path. In this example, the contacts will receive different messages.

Below are the types of elements that can be configured when setting up the path of a journey. These elements can be arranged in any order to fit your specific goals.

Add SMS Messages

1. Add an SMS message to the Yes Path.

2. Click on the step to open the properties.

3. Give the step a name.

4. Select the short code.

5. Click Create Message.

6. Configure the message on the authoring page.

7. At the bottom of the page, select Commit Message to Journey.

Add Email Messages

You can message contacts in both the email and SMS channel in the SMS List Subscription journey. If a contact has both a subscribed email and subscribed phone number associated with their profile they will be eligible to receive both message types.

1. Add an Email message to the Yes Path.

2. Click on the step to open the properties.

3. Give the step a name.

4. Click Create Message or Copy from Conductor.

5. Configure the message on the authoring page.

6. At the bottom of the page, select Commit Message to Journey.

Learn more about configuring messages.

Add Wait Steps

Add a wait step between messages to create a multi-day campaign

1. Drag a wait step on to the canvas.

2. In the properties, adjust the wait duration.

Repeat these steps in the other path of the SMS Subscription Source Split.

Add Coupons

Coupons can be used to incentivize messages based on the specific flow a contact could receive. To add a coupon to a SMS List Subscription Journey the coupons must be added directly in Journey Hub. Coupons a contact has received in a Keyword Campaign or Broadcast message cannot be referenced in an email or SMS message.

1. Drag a coupon on to the canvas.

2. Click the Coupon to edit the properties.
3. Select a merchant.
4. Select a coupon.
5. Give the coupon code a name for the tag.
💡 Use a name that makes the coupon easily identifiable.
6. Check the checkbox to add a tag for an expiration tag, if applicable.

7. Copy the tag.

8. Paste the tag in the desired email or SMS message.

Learn more about configuring coupons.

Configuring the Yes Path of the Marketing Status Split Path

To send messages via email or SMS to the contacts who have resubscribed you can configure the Yes Path of the Marketing Status Split. Use the steps outlined above to create the specific flow of the Yes Path.

To create the example above, a single SMS message was added to the Yes path of this journey.

Configuring the Exit Event

The last step prior to activating the journey is to configure the Exit Event. The exit event allows you to prematurely exit a contact from the SMS List Subscription Journey.

Follow the steps below to configure an entry event.

1. Click on the Exit Event on the canvas.

2. Select the event.

3. Select the merchant.

💡 Use the Add Rule button to configure multiple events

Activating the Journey

Once all messages have been created and the paths established, you are ready to activate the journey so that contacts can start receiving the new path and messages.

To activate, select the Activate button in the top right corner.

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