The Contact Clicks Report allows you to measure engagement of the contacts on a specific list by measuring how many times they have clicked and how long since they last clicked.

📌 This data gives you insight into the engagement patterns of your contacts and may help you identify ways to increase engagement.

To view click reporting on a specific broadcast message view the Message Activity Report.

To access the Contact Click Report, in the navigation go to Analytics > Contact Activity Contact Clicks.

⚠️ Navigate to the list you wish to analyze before accessing the report

Date Options

When navigating the dashboard, you can update the scope of data by adjusting the date range for the data using pre-built timeframes or selecting a custom timeframe using the calendar icons. By default the last 30 days of data is shown. Update the date range to one of the default values or use the calendar icons to adjust based on when a contact unsubscribed.

Pie Chart

The Contact Clicks Report contains two helpful pie charts. The first pie chart breaks down the number of contacts who clicked a certain number of times.

The second pie chart breaks down click engagement. With this chart, you can see how many contacts have clicked in the past 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, six months, one year, or those who have not clicked an email in over a year.

⚠️ This chat shows trends over the last 15 months and does not refresh based on the time range chosen.

Data Grid

The data grid provides information for contacts who clicked within your selected timeframe.

  • Email: The email column shows you the email addresses that clicked at least once. You can click on the email address to view the Profile Fields for your given list in a new popup window.

  • Last Click Date: The last click date column shows the when the last click on an email sent from the specific list occurred.

  • Clicks: The clicks field shows the total number of clicks for a specific contact in the selected timeframe. Use this data to identify contacts who are highly engaged (multiple clicks) or find those contacts who may be very passive with your messages (single click contacts).

Managing Your Data

You can easily dive deeper into data or manage your data and dashboard by clicking on various parts of the dashboard.

  • Use the Filter (funnel) Icon in the chart to narrow your search or filter contacts using their email address or subscribe date.

  • Click View Message Activity next to any individual email address to view information on how a contact engaged with messages prior to unsubscribing.

  • Use the Edit Filter icon at the bottom of the report to narrow your results based on a filter criteria.

  • Click on the People Icon to add or change data in a group of contact's profile.

  • Click the Green Arrow or Print Icon to download a chart or the entire report.

  • Click on the Clock Icon to schedule an export of your report.


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