On the Email Message Dashboard you can view abuse complaints for a single message, which can be useful in identifying immediate issues, however keeping an eye on abuse complaints over time can also help improve your email program.

The Abuse Summary Report allows you to see abuse aggregated complaints across all messages on all lists.

To access the report, navigate to Analytics > General Analytics Abuse Summary.

Date Options

When navigating the dashboard you can update the scope of data by adjusting the date range for the data. By default the last 30 days of data is shown. Update the date range to one of the default date ranges or use the calendar icons to identify a specific date range.

Graphical Overview

The top of the repot provides a pie chart and a bar chart of the types of abuse. The pie chart breaks down the top locations where the abuse was reported during the selected timeframe. The bar chart breaks down where the abuse complaints occurred on a given date during the selected timeframe.

Abuse Table

The table view further breaks down the abuse complaint data by date and then by ISP where the complaint occurred.

💡 Clicking on any of the underlined numbers will provide additional details on the list, campaign, and subject line of the message, in addition to the email address of the contact.

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