When creating journeys you can use multiple features to help create, edit, and manage your journeys. These tools can help speed up the creation and editing process of your automated campaigns.

Journey Hub Templates

Not sure where to start when building a journey or looking to launch your journey quickly? Journey Hub Templates make it easy to quickly create a journey using Listrak's best practices and recommended components. You can then add or remove specific elements based on your brand's needs.

Templates are available for the following campaign types:

  1. Welcome Series

  2. Cart Abandonment

  3. Product Browse Abandonment

  4. Page Browse Abandonment

  5. Alerts Suite

  6. Custom Events

  7. SMS Info Campaigns

For page, product, and cart abandonment journeys you will be able to create single channel (email, SMS, web push) or cross-channel journeys.

⚠️ Abandonment Journeys are only available if you have advanced journeys enabled. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

To utilize a template, navigate to Automation > Journey Hub Journeys.

  1. Click New Journey.

  2. A list of templates will appear on the screen.

  3. Select your desired template type.

    💡 You can use the Preview function to view the different version of the template type.

    ⚠️ You can only select templates that contain messaging channels you have enabled in your Listrak account. E.g. you cannot pick an SMS journey if SMS is not enabled.

  4. In the popup, define the following:

    💡 Use the Additional Details at the bottom of the popup to learn more about the benefit of the campaign type you are creating.

    1. A name for the journey created from the template.

    2. In Choose Your Template, select the specific version of a template you would like to use. Template versions may include different messaging channels or other properties.

    3. The merchant associated with your journey.

    4. The email list associated with your campaign, if using email in the journey.

      💡 Selecting an email list allows you to copy an email from the list and utilize profile field data in the message creative

    5. The SMS short code, if using SMS in the journey.

    6. The SMS List, if using SMS in the journey.

      💡 Contacts must be subscribed to a list in order to receive the messages.

      Journey Creation from Template

  5. Click Create Journey.

Once your journey has been created, you can begin customizing your journey by adding your message creative or adjusting properties, such as wait times. Journeys are set up to incorporate key settings.

🔑 Key Features of Journey Hub Templates

  • Templates apply Listrak and compliance best practices

  • Best practice decision splits are included in many journeys

  • When using SMS, journeys will include quiet hours so messages will only be sent between 11 AM - 5 PM

  • Entry prevention rules related to specific journeys can be added to any template (the journey must be created in your account in order to be added)

  • All multi-channel journeys will include all messaging channels in the decision split

Duplicating Journeys

Templates can be a great starting point, but you may need to use custom logic to support your business case. Using the duplicate feature, you can now save an exact copy of an existing journey. All properties will be copied except the message creative used in any channel steps.

Use case for duplication may include:

  • Utilize the same logic setup across sister brands

  • Create similar campaigns with different timing (e.g. 90 and 180 day winback campaigns)

To duplicate a journey, navigate to Automation > Journey Hub Journeys.

  1. Open the journey you wish to duplicate.

  2. Click on the arrow next to the Save button.

  3. Select Save and Duplicate.

  4. In the popup, you can define the following

    💡Defining the additional settings will automatically apply these to your journey properties, such as the entry events or decision splits.

    1. A name for the journey (required)

    2. The merchant associated with the new journey

    3. The email list associated with your campaign, if using email in the journey

      💡 Selecting an email list allows you to copy an email from the list and utilize profile field data in the message creative

    4. The SMS short code, if using SMS in the journey

    5. The SMS List, if using SMS in the journey.

  5. Click Create Journey

  6. The new journey will now be created.

    ⚠️ Messages will not be copied from the existing journey

Understanding Journey Statuses

As you work with any existing journeys you have created, they may appear in different status, noted on the main journey landing page. Some actions are only available when a journey is in a specific status.

💡 If you are looking for a specific journey to learn the status, use the search bar at the top of the journey landing page.

  • Active: An active journey is currently allowing contacts entry when they take the specified action unless they are prevented based on your entry criteria. You can edit, deactivate, or view analytics for active journeys.

  • Draft: A draft journey is a journey that has not yet been activated and may still be in development. This is the status your journey is placed in when first created. You can edit or delete draft journeys or activate it to move the journey to Active status.

  • Testing: A journey in a testing state can only be entered by those contacts who take the action associated with your journey and are specified when placing the journey in test mode. Only draft or inactive journeys can be placed in test mode.

  • Inactive: An inactive journey is a journey that was active but is no longer allowing contacts to enter the journey. A journey can be placed in inactive status by clicking on the three dots next to an active journey. You can view the analytics for an inactive journey or delete it.

  • Edits Pending: An active or inactive journey may also have an edits pending status. This status indicates after the journey was activated or deactivated some changes were made, such as adding or changing element properties, and those changes have been saved. These changes can be set live by clicking activate or discarded by clicking the three dots on the main journey landing page.

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