Listrak uses the data from your integration to collect information about the items in a contact's cart or in their purchase. This data then appears in message creative for your Shopping Cart Abandonment and Shopify Plus Transactional Journeys.

The integration will automatically include all products, including free gifts or other products you may not want to display in email. Journey filtering enables you to remove these products from the data Listrak displays in the email.

How the Filtering Works

Journey Filtering allows you to specify the specific products that should not appear in a cart or transactional email. This filter is placed on the email step and will apply the filter to the raw data that is used to determine which products appear in the email. Based on the newly filtered data, the email will now only included the allowed products. If the cart or purchase only included filtered products the email will be skipped.

Applying a Filter

  1. Create or open a Cart Abandonment or one of the Shopify Transactional journey.

  2. Add a message step to the journey, or click on the message if already added.

  3. At the bottom of the properties panel, toggle on the Order Data Filter option.

  4. Select the specific data point you wish to use in the filter in the Conditions drop-down.

    💡 You will have options such as title, SKU, and Price.

  5. Then. in the next drop-down, choose how the data point should be evaluated.

    💡 Use the equal value to limit a specific product, options such as contains to target a group of products, or the Is in the file upload option to easily target a large number of products via a file. The file upload can be used for .csv files under 500 kb.

Testing a Cart Abandonment Journey

If you would like to test the filter in a cart abandonment journey, you can place the test mode and specify the email address you will use for testing once your full journey has been created.

  1. Navigate to your site in an incognito or private window.

  2. Input the email address into a popup or other form.

    ⚠️ Be sure to use an email address that has not been used for previous testing so that your email is not impacted by entry prevention and frequency rules.

  3. Add at least one item that should be included in the email and one item that should be removed to your cart.

  4. Close the browser window.

  5. When you receive the email, the cart should not display items included in the filter.

Testing a Transactional Journey

  1. Place your journey in test mode by specifying the specific email address that will be associated with a test order.

  2. Place a test order with the email address from above. The order should contain at least one item that should be populated in the email and one that should not.

📌 Learn more about the test function in Journey Hub.

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