What are Advanced Entry Events?

Advanced entry events in Journey Hub are entry events that use Listrak's advanced contact tracking abilities. This functionality enables real-time contact identification and processes website activity and tracking on your site. This contact recognition is channel agnostic, enabling seamless cross-channel messaging orchestration. The advanced entry events also unlock additional capabilities, such as cart recreate across devices, to further extend the reach of your campaigns.

Advanced entry events are currently available in Listrak's Abandonment Suite. They can be used to power Cart Abandonment, Product Browse Abandonment, and Page Abandonment.

How does the Advanced Tracking Work?

When a contact browses a page, browses a product, or abandons an item in the cart on your site, an ID value is captured. This ID, called a GlobalSessionID, can be compared to a database of information captured during previous sessions. If this ID matches the ID of a previous session, Listrak can use the provided contact information (phone number or email address) to enter a contact into a Journey. The contact no longer needs to enter this information on your website at the time of abandonment to be entered into an abandonment campaign.

What are the Benefits of Advanced Abandonment?

In the previous section, you learned how advanced tracking can find a contact's information based on past behavior. This increases the reach of your abandonment campaigns by allowing you to send to more abandoners.

Advanced abandonment settings are also available when configuring an entry event. This allows you more granular control around determining when contacts will receive messages. You can adjust the timeout, the amount of time a contact has to be inactive before sending a message, to customize your contact's experience.

You can also utilize the cart recreate functionality to reach contacts across devices. Cart recreate allows a contact to abandon on on device, for example a laptop, and view the abandoned cart on another device, for example their phone, to complete the checkout process. This functionality is available in the Advanced Cart Abandonment Entry Event by setting up a cart link in the entry event properties.

How Can I Use These Benefits?

Advanced abandonment features are automatically enabled for any Listrak client who has SMS through Listrak. If you do not have SMS, but are interested in learning more, please contact your Account Manager. The advanced abandonment specific features are discussed below. Messages, coupons, and other elements are configured the same way as they are configured in standard journeys.

Once these advanced features are enabled, they will appear as options to select when configuring a new journey.

Journey Hub Entry Event Selector

In the entry event properties on the Journey Hub canvas, you will be able to adjust the advanced properties for session timeout and cart recreate link (cart abandonment only). Listrak will automatically perform the contact lookup.

Journey Hub Advanced Entry Event Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use both advanced and standard entry events?

Yes, you can use both standard and advanced entry events to build journeys for the same merchant.

Should I switch to advanced events if I already built a standard campaign?

It depends. It is not required to move any existing campaigns to the advanced event type. However, if you are sending messages through multiple channels in your abandonment journeys it is strongly encouraged to take advantage of the channel agnostic lookup feature. Even if you are not using multiple messaging channels, you will still be able to use the additional advanced features, such as customized session timeout.

What do I do if I don't see Advanced events?

Contact your Account Manager to discuss the next steps.

How do I set up a cart link?

Contact your implementation team to help identify the cart link that should be added to the entry event properties.

If I have an existing journey using the standard events, do I need to create a new journey?

Yes, if you would like to use the advanced events you will need to create a new journey with the advanced entry event type. After the new advanced entry journey is set up you will then need to deactivate the standard entry journey.

💡 Use the copy a saved message feature to easily import a saved message into the journey.

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