Journey Hub is Listrak's sophisticated, drag-and-drop, cross-channel marketing automation tool. Its ease of use makes optimizing journies and testing content a breeze, so why not move any existing eligible Conductor conversations into Journey Hub?

First, you will need to review your Conductor conversation(s) to make sure it is compatible with Journey Hub. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, Listrak recommends keeping the automated campaign in Conductor*.

  • Does the conversation use CRM audiences to trigger or exit contacts from the conversation?

  • Does the conversation use custom profile field data to change the contact's path?

    Some examples could be:

    • If the subscription source profile field is X, send contact to X thread.

    • If the custom profile field value is X, send contact to X thread.

    • If the custom profile field checkbox is checked, send contact to X thread.

  • Is the conversation a Birthday or Anniversary campaign, Reactivation campaign, or Replenishment campaign?

💡 Helpful Tips

  • API triggered conversations may eligible by using a Custom Entry Event.

  • An email that contains Dynamic Content is using CRM audiences or custom profile fields, it CAN be used in a journey.

Next, follow the steps below to transition a conversation into a journey!

Step 1: Create a New Journey

Choosing the correct Entry Type is key to recreating your automated campaign. Use the following chart to determine which Journey Hub Entry Event is needed to replace a Conductor Conversation.

Journey Hub Entry Event

Conductor Conversation

Email List Subscription

Welcome Series

Page Browse Abandonment

SCA/Abandonment > Page Browse Thread

Product Browse Abandonment

SCA/Abandonment > Product Browse Thread

Cart Abandonment

SCA/Abandonment > Abandoned Cart Thread


Post Purchase - Winback

Post Purchase - Thank You

Post Purchase - Thank You

💡 Helpful Tips

  • Select the correct list when configuring the Entry Event.

  • Update coupon tags! An email sent through a journey uses double brackets [[ ]] to display a coupon code from a Listrak coupon pool, whereas coupon tags in Conductor emails use double carats << >>.

  • In the event you want to prevent new subscribers from receiving marketing messages while in a Welcome Series built-in Journey Hub, add a subscription date filter to any applicable marketing email:

    • Subscribe date is before X days (X equals total cadence of welcome series) days before today.

  • Reference the following Journey Hub articles to enhance the transitioned automated campaign:

Step 2: Terminate the corresponding Conductor Conversation

This ensures new abandoners only receive one automated series, which will be the Journey Hub version once it is activated in step 3. There are two different ways to terminate a live Conductor conversation, learn more about each option and determine which one would be better for your campaign.

1. Gradual Termination

This option will stop any new subscribers from entering while letting any current contacts naturally exit the conversion.

To gradually terminate, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Conversation to be terminated > click the name of the conversation to enter the builder.

  2. Reconfigure EVERY Trigger step > click it to open up the properties popup.

    1. Click the No Events Required box - this will override any Selected Events.

    2. If any Trigger steps are already configured to No Events Required, you don't need to do anything to those threads.

    3. Click Update to save.

  3. Set a terminate date to the conversation > click the Conductor Properties icon (the cog in the builder's secondary navigation bar) to open up the panel > scroll to the bottom.

    1. Set the date to X days from today with X being the length of the conversation.

      For example: if today is January 5, 2022, and the total duration of the conversation is 6 days, set the termination date to January 11, 2022 11:59pm.

    2. This will remove the conversation from the dashboard when the termination date is reached.

    3. Optional Step - While in the Conversation properties panel, update the version name to include the termination date. For example: Change it from Welcome Series to Welcome Series - Terminates 1/11/22.

  4. Click Publish.

    ⚠️ A popup will appear warning you that you have a thread(s) marked as "No Events Required", simply click Publish Conversation to continue to save and push all the changes live.

2. Immediate Termination

This option will also stop any new subscribers from entering, but will abruptly remove any current contacts at the step they are sitting in when the conversation is terminated.

To terminate, simply click X icon next to the conversation you want to terminate.

💡 While this option is simple, you may want to consider any customer impacts such as not receiving an offer, the option to sign up to the preference center, or any other valuable information that may not be sent to them.

Step 3: Activate the applicable Journey

Once all messages have been created and the paths established, you are ready to activate the journey so that contacts can start receiving the new path and messages.

To activate, select the Activate button in the top right corner.

*Please contact your Account Manager for the newest features and enhancements to Journey Hub that may make your Conductor Conversation eligible to transfer.

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