Sending a Contact Attachment as a part of your SMS program helps with branding for the overall customer experience, and it also allows link preview rendering in iOS. Subscribers can add this file to their contacts, and, when they do, they will see the company name and logo in their messaging app (instead of just the short code) allowing a better branded experience. To use this feature simply create a .vcf file and attach it to an MMS message.

What is a Contact Attachment?

A Contact Attachment is a Virtual Contact File (.vcf or vCard), which is a standard file format for storing contact information for a person or business. The file commonly includes a name, address, phone number, email address, and other contact information. Contact Attachment files also support custom fields, images, and other types of media.

Apple device users can load vCards directly into the device's Contacts app. Android users can also load vCards using the Contacts app bundled with the operating system.

How Do I Create a Contact Attachment?

Most email providers, such as Outlook and Gmail, allow you to create a contact attachment in their interface. You can also create a contact attachment directly on your mobile device. A third way to create a contact attachment is to create it in another file format, such as CSV, and convert it using a conversion software.

💡 Listrak recommends creating the file directly as vCard of .vcf type when possible.

Contact Attachments are saved in a text format, which means you can view the contents in a text editor. They may also include a block of binary data, which is often used to store a photo.

Below are some of the common applications that can be used to create Contact Attachments and the directions provided by these applications.

  • Microsoft Outlook Desktop


  • iPhone

    • Use the email method to share a contact

  • In Google Accounts

    • Open the Contacts Application (this can be accessed within the Goggle menu in your Gmail account)

    • Click Create New Contact for your brand in the sidebar, if necessary

    • Click Export in the sidebar and select the brand contact

    • Select the vCard option in the export popup

What Can I Do with a Contact Attachment?

  1. Send a 1-time MMS broadcast message to your existing contacts with the file attached. Include instructions about what to do with the attachment and the benefits of downloading the file.

  2. In a List Subscription Journey, include an MMS message as part of the subscription flow with the file attached.

For more information on SMS messaging, reach out to your Account Manager or Listrak Support!

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