When link previews are used correctly in an SMS message, it is very much like sending an MMS without the additional cost. Remember that there are other factors in rendering a link preview, like the handset settings, so make sure to test on a device to check rendering for Android and iOS. Follow the guidelines listed below to use this feature:

  1. The link should be added to the end of the text message.

  2. There should only be one link, if there are two a preview will not show.

  3. The link preview displays an image and title, but you must configure basic metadata on your website with ogp (Open Graph protocol) fields.

  4. The link must start with http:// or https://

  5. For iOS, your Contact Attachment must be saved to the subscriber's Contacts.

Link Preview in iOS:

Link Preview in iOS as a saved contact:


  • After load, the preview will render showing a URL, a title, and an image.

  • For this to display the subscriber needs to save the Contact Attachment and the short code at the top of the message.

  • When the message is reopened, the links at the bottom of the message will show “Tap to load” in iOS.

Learn more about sending a Contact Attachment in an MMS. For more information on SMS messaging, reach out to your Account Manager or Listrak Support!

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