This integration guide will cover all aspects of installing, configuring and using Listrak’s Optimove integration. Features of this integration include:

Configure within Optimove – define customer segments, choose an email template, and set the campaign schedule within the Optimove web application.

Design with Listrak – use Composer, our drag-and-drop email builder, to easily create beautiful, responsive email campaigns.

Unified Reporting – Listrak sends campaign metrics back to Optimove so retailers can view performance and test outcomes alongside other Optimove campaigns.

Open the Listrak Channel in your Optimove Instance and Obtain API Credentials

Reach out to your Optimove CSM who will help you submit the form to request the Listrak channel be opened in your Optimove instance as well as provide the necessary API credentials to connect Optimove to Listrak.

Setup Optimove in Listrak Integration Marketplace

The Optimove integration can be found by going to Integrations > Integrations Management once logged into the Listrak application. Once you have selected the Optimove integration, click Setup Integration to begin configuration.

Before continuing, you will need to have your Optimove API credentials ready. To configure the integration, you will need to setup the following fields:

  • Integration Name – any name to uniquely identify this integration, e.g. “Optimove API Integration”

  • Optimove API Server – the subdomain of the Optimove server used to connect for API access, e.g. “api1”

  • Integration Username – the username of the account used for Optimove API access

  • Integration Password – the password of the account used for Optimove API access

  • Integration List – the email subscriber list to use for Optimove campaigns, e.g. “Marketing List”

Build Your Message in Listrak

By designing campaigns in Listrak as saved messages, retailers can execute campaigns from directly within the Optimove application. Before proceeding with setting up a campaign in Optimove, be sure you have built a Saved Message in the Listrak application. A message subject and body are required for saved messages appear as templates in Optimove.

The messages that are chosen within Optimove will simply be a Saved Message inside Listrak. To learn more about building and saving messages, please review these additional help articles.

You can always return to a saved message to make changes to the content prior to scheduling a campaign within Optimove.

Setting up a Campaign in Optimove

Important Note: You may have only have one Optimove account connected to a Listrak list at a time.

The actual campaign is configured within Optimove using their campaign setup process. The basic process should be familiar, but includes the definition of a recipient audience, the marketing channel (Listrak), a message template and delivery options.

First, configure Initial Detail by selecting a target group and start date. Once you have defined the Actions to Run, select Listrak from the Channel list under Execution Details. Once you have selected Listrak, you will be able to choose a Template, which will be the list of saved messages on the configured Listrak list for the Optimove integration.

Once you have scheduled a campaign, Listrak will be notified via API and scheduled for delivery from Listrak servers.

Reporting and Analytics

Following the delivery of a campaign, Listrak will push message activity metrics to Optimove via the API for analysis and reporting within the Optimove platform. The metrics will be pushed daily for the 7 days following the completion of a campaign. Please visit the Optimove Academy for more information on reporting capabilities within the Optimove platform.

Additional Data File Exports

Your Optimove integration may require additional data files exported back to Optimove. This article along with your Optimove account manger will help you configure the right data for your integration.

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