Glew's business intelligence software allows you to visualize your data in dashboards and create reports. Connecting Glew and Listrak allows Glew to access Listrak's reporting on your Listrak audiences, lists, contacts, campaigns, and messages. Data is sent to Glew hourly to power reporting and dashboards.

Once you have set up your Glew account, follow the steps below to connect Glew and Listrak.

Connecting Listrak in Your Glew Account

  1. Navigate to Store Settings in your Glew account

  2. Scroll to the Integrations section

  3. Find Listrak under Email Platforms

Whitelisting IP Addresses

Once you have connected your account you will need to whitelist the IP addresses Glew uses to collect data. The IP addresses will be displayed after you connect your Listrak account in the Glew Platform. Copy these IP addresses for use in setting up your integration in Listrak.

Creating the Integration in Listrak

Next, you'll create the integration inside your Listrak account.

  1. Log into your Listrak account

  2. Navigate to Integrations > Integrations Management

  3. Select Create Integration

  4. Select Email API as the type of integration

  5. In the setup section, name your integration

  6. Grant access to all access level options

  7. Paste each of the IP addresses from the previous step. Each IP address should be listed separately

  8. Save your integration

Generate a Client ID and Secret

Once your Integration settings have been completed you can generate your Client ID and Secret, which is used to connect your integration.

  1. Copy the Client ID

  2. Copy the Client Secret

  3. Navigate back to Glew

  4. Paste the Client ID and Client Secret into the corresponding fields in Glew

  5. Save both the Listrak and Glew integrations

Import Your Listrak Data

Once your integration is saved you will see an import banner at the top of your Glew account. Click the Import banner to begin the data import. The initial import may take up to 72 hours depending on how much data is being imported. You will receive an email when the import is complete.

Once your import is complete, your Listrak data will be available in Glew and custom segments in Glew will be synced back to Listrak.

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