Listrak's integration with Yotpo allows you to seamlessly connect your Product Ratings and Reviews to Listrak's database. After this integration is complete, you can dynamically add these ratings and reviews to any of your email campaigns. 

Before beginning the integration:

  • Be sure to have your login credentials for Yotpo and Listrak.

  • Provide a product feed to Listrak through the data file import tool/eCommerce platform. Learn more about importing data with Listrak here.

Follow the below steps to begin setting up your integration.


  1. Log into your Yotpo Account.

  2. Click the user icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  3. Click Account Settings.

  4. Click the Store tab.

  5. Navigate to the API Credentials section.

  6. Copy the App Key and Secret Key.


Please be sure to have the copied App and Secret Key available for the next steps.

  1. Navigate to Solutions > Reviews Settings.

  2. If you have multiple merchants, select your Merchant from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select Yotpo from the provider drop-down menu.

  4. Next, paste the copied App and Secret Key in the appropriate settings fields.

    💡 The App Key is the API Key, the Secret Key is the API Secret.

  5. Click Test Connection to ensure everything is functioning.

  6. If desired, in the Filtering section, specify the minimum star rating a product must have for a review to appear. The Advanced Options allow you to customize additional properties, such as how many reviews to show and how reviews are sorted.

  7. Click Save Settings.

For more information on Listrak's integration with Yotpo, click here.

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