In general, it's a good idea to save the messages you create and send in Listrak. By default, even if the messages are sent out, they are not necessarily saved in the system unless you purposefully choose to save them. There are several reasons for saving messages. You might want to send the same message to a new list or segment of contacts, or you might want to repurpose the message and use it in a new way. In this sense, you're using the saved message like you might use a template or starting point. 

Saving a Message

This method walks you through the steps to save a message while you're creating it. 

  1. Navigate to Messages > Email New Email Broadcast.

  2. Create the contents of the message and fill out the settings in each section.

  3. At the very bottom of the page, enter a name for your message.

  4. Click Save As.

💡 Give your message a meaningful name. By default, the subject line is used as the name of the message. However, when you view your list of saved messages, you'll see the message name and the subject line. You can also be more descriptive in your message name. For example, you may call the message "Welcome Message 1," but the subject line itself might say "The first of many exclusive offers!" 

Re-using a Message

Navigate to Messages > Email View Saved Email.

All of your saved messages are displayed with the saved name, subject, and modified date listed. You can search for key terms using the search function and collapse or expand messages based on the campaign name. 


  1. Click to select the message you'd like to re-purpose.

  2. Modify the settings and content as needed for your new message version.

  3. At the bottom of the authoring page, enter a new message name.

  4. Then click Save As

You now have two messages saved: your initial copy and the new version. Both can be found in your saved messages list under Messages > Email View Saved Email.

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