Listrak's integration with CrowdTwist allows email marketers to take action on real-time updates to users' loyalty information. As shoppers complete actions, such as earning points, the respective profile information is passed to Listrak to be used for loyalty campaigns. This includes: 

  • Redeemable point balances

  • Current tier status, points to next tier, and name of next tier

  • Profile level details, such as: location (address), birthdate, gender, phone number, and sign up campaign source


Begin automating your loyalty information from CrowdTwist to Listrak by following the below steps.

  • NOTE: You must have admin permissions to access this integration in Listrak's Marketplace.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Manage > Integrations > New Integration > CrowdTwist.
2. Enter an Integration Name. If you have multiple merchants, differentiate the integration by including the merchant in the name.
3. Select a Merchant from the drop-down menu. Please select the merchant you'd like to integrate.
4. Select a Master List from the drop-down menu. The list being selected here should be your main marketing list.
5. Select a Loyalty List from the drop-down menu. This is a dedicated opt-in/out list specific to all loyalty communication. This list is used for automated loyalty triggers and not regular marketing campaigns. 

  • TIP: Set up a Loyalty List using the List Manager if you don't already have one. Be sure to categorize this list with your other automated campaigns. 

6. Click Save.


After you've saved the integration, the next step is to save your Client ID and Secret.

After the Client ID and Secret have been generated, please share them with your CrowdTwist team via secure transfer only. Do not share these credentials via email.

Additionally, If you already have an existing loyalty list, be sure to have this information imported into Listrak before CrowdTwist finalizes and activates the integration.


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