Integrating Zinrelo's loyalty program with your Listrak marketing program has many benefits. Including loyalty data in your automated or marketing campaigns sent through Listrak can increase stickiness and contact engagement. An integration also unlocks the ability to automate notifications, such as when a loyalty member achieves a new points tier, and the ability to seamlessly manage your unsubscribes in a contact updates in a single location.

Integrating with Zinrelo is quick and easy. Below is a quick preview of the steps you will take to integrate Zinrelo.

  1. Generate your Listrak Credentials

  2. Add your Listrak Credentials to Zinrelo

  3. Build your automated campaigns

  4. Build your email creative

Additional Resources

Once you have completed your integration, you're ready to start building your automated campaigns and email creative. Here are a few resources to help you get started.

💡 Use the default variation to display a join now banner to non-members

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