An Anniversary Campaign is a great way to thank and reward your customers for being loyal to your brand. 

First, this article walks through how to set up a new campaign, including new subscribers. Then, add existing subscribers to this campaign.

If you'd like to include a coupon in this message, please follow the coupon segmentation section. Otherwise, you may skip this section. 


The coupon segmentation field is needed if you want to send your customers a coupon in the anniversary message. This allows you to store the coupon and ultimately add it into the message that's being sent. Follow the below steps to set up this field. 

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts.

  2. Go to Segmentation.

  3. Then Create New Field Group.

  4. Add a new Field Group Name called Anniversary Campaign.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Enter Coupon for the Field Name.

  7. Click Save.


Connect your subscription points from your website to automatically send new subscribers into your Anniversary campaign.

  • NOTE: If you already have subscription points set up for a Welcome Series, please skip this section. If you do not already have subscription points set up, please continue below.

  1. Select the Master List from the list drop-down menu.

  2. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.

  3. Go to Listrak Conductor.

  4. Then External Events.

  5. Click New Event Group.

  6. Enter Anniversary Campaign.

  7. Click Create Event Group.

  8. Click New Event.

  9. Enter Footer for the Event Name.

  10. Select Anniversary Campaign from the drop-down menu for the group.

  11. Click Create Event.

These external events are based on the instructions from the subscription point guide. If you have created additional subscription points on your website, don't forget to create external events for those as well. Click here to learn more about setting up subscription points.


Below are the resources necessary to create your Anniversary Campaign message in Listrak Composer. Please use the below materials to make an Anniversary Campaign message unique to your brand.

  1. Getting Started with Listrak's drag and drop email builder, Composer.

  2. Listrak Composer Guides.

  3. Adding Coupons to your Anniversary Campaign message.


After you've finished building and testing your Anniversary Campaign message, you are ready to build your automated campaign in Listrak Conductor that handles the campaign logic.

1. Select the Master List from the list drop-down menu.
2. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
3. Go to Listrak Conductor.
4. Then Conversations.
5. Click New Conversation.
6. Enter Anniversary Campaign for the New Conversation Name.
7. Select the One Year of Anniversary Signup template.

8. Click Create Conversation.
9. Click the Trigger Step called Subscription Points Trigger.
10. Assign all your Subscription Points external events by clicking the + icon.

11. Click Update.
12. Click the Anniversary Thread Goto step.
13. Click the Advanced tab.
14. Click the Limit Redirects to radio button.
15. Enter a number of times you would like to see the person loop through this campaign (maximum 200).

16. Click Update.
17. Click the Wait One Year Goto step.
18. Click the Advanced tab.
19. Click the Limit Redirects radio button.
20. Enter a number of times you would like to see the person loop through this campaign (maximum 200).
21. Click Update.
22. Click the Set Coupon step.
23. For a static coupon, select the Update Segment Field With Value option, select the coupon segment field, enter a value for a coupon code that works on your website.

24. For dynamic coupon pools, click here.
25. Click the Signup Anniversary Message step.
26. Click Edit a Saved Message.
27. Select the Anniversary Campaign Message that was created in the previous section.
28. Navigate to the Analytics Integration.
29. If you're using a Google Analytics integration, enter Anniversary for the Campaign Name.
30. Enter Message 1 for the Campaign Content.
31. Under Listrak Conversion Analytics, enter Anniversary for the Campaign Type.
32. Enter Anniversary for the Campaign Name.
33. Enter Message 1 for the Version.

34. Navigate down the page.
35. Click Commit Message.
36. Then, click Commit Message to Conversation.


After your messages have been tested and the conversation is set up, you are ready to publish and test your Anniversary Campaign.

1. Navigate to your Anniversary Conversation.
2. Click the Entry step.
3. Click the Segment Filter tab.
4. Create a filter to only allow your testing email address(es) into the conversation.

5. Click Update twice.
6. While on the conversation editor page, click Publish.

7. Then Publish Conversation.
8. Navigate to your website.
9. The external events that were added into the entry thread of the conversation should be tied to the subscription points on your site. Sign up for your subscription points with the testing address you entered in the filter above. This ensures that you are entering into the anniversary conversation.
10. Verify that you are in the Wait One Year step by viewing the Visual Analytics and History Replay for the email address(es) you tested.

  • NOTE: Anniversary Campaigns are typically set up to wait a year from a customers subscription date. However, you may choose to do a 6-month anniversary campaign by adjusting the wait step.

If your Anniversary Campaign tests were successful:

  1. Remove the testing filter from the entry step.

  2. Republish the conversation.

If you'd like to enhance your Anniversary Campaign, click here to learn more about adding your existing subscribers to this campaign. 

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