You can add coupons to your automated campaigns easily using Listrak's coupon manager and Listrak Conductor. You first must set up a coupon pool for the system to pull from when distributing coupon codes to your customers. It's best create one coupon pool per offer.

For example, a Shopping Cart Abandonment campaign might contain a 10% and a 15% offer. Create a coupon pool for each offer.  A Welcome Series campaign may only contain one offer, in which case you only need one coupon pool. In the steps below, we'll walk through the setup of one coupon pool. 

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.
  2. Go to Coupon Manager

NOTE: If you do not see Coupon Manager as a menu option underneath Retail Solutions, contact your account manager. 



1. Select your Merchant from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page. This is only applicable if you have more than one domain listed on your account.
2. Click Add New Pool. This takes you to the coupon pool settings page.

3. Enter a Name for your coupon pool. 

TIP: The name should reflect the campaign and the discount. For example, we can call our coupon pool "SCA10Off."

4. Select the Type of code (either unique or static) using the drop-down menu.

  • Unique: Choosing this option means that you'd like an individual coupon code to be assigned to each person. In this case, you must provide a file containing those unique coupon codes. Click here to read more about unique coupon codes.
  • Static: Choosing this option means that you'd like to assign one code that will be given to every customer. "SUMMERSAVE" for example, would appear in each email you send, rather than a unique code for each person. 

5. Enter an Expiration Cutoff. Since you have the option of importing expiration dates for your unique coupon codes, this threshold ensures that only coupons that allow the user a fair amount of time are distributed.

For Example: If you upload a batch of coupons that have an expiration date of 12/31/2016, you would not want to give out coupons on 12/31/2016, but would want to stop sending out these coupons a week in advance to give customers time to redeem the coupon. To do so, you can set an expiration cutoff of seven days. 

NOTE: This only applies to unique coupon codes.

6. Check Active.
7. Enter an optional Default Code. This is the code that will appear in the event that no more unique codes are available to be distributed.
8. Enter a Default Code Expiration.


  1. Enter a Threshold number of coupons. This means that a notification will be sent to your notification list when the number of coupon codes gets down to a certain limit as determined by you.
  2. Enter a list of comma or semicolon delimited email addresses who you'd like to receive notifications when it's time to replenish the coupon pool. 
  3. Click Save Settings.


Now you'll find a list of your coupon pools along with columns containing information about the pool including how many remaining codes are left. You can check this list anytime to make sure your codes aren't running too low.  

  •  Edit the coupon pool by clicking the Edit icon
  •  Upload a coupon code list by clicking the Upload icon



1. Click the Upload icon corresponding to your coupon pool.
2. Select an Expiration Date option.

NOTE: If you choose not to use an expiration date, choose "No expiration date."

  •  If you have provided a date in the file, choose "Use date in file." If you want to specify a date here, use the option for "Expire on." If you choose "Use date in file", you'll be asked to provide what type of delimiter you are using in your text file.

NOTE: Please note the following file specifications:

  • Plain text files only (.txt)
  • Coupon codes must be 50 characters or less
  • Do not include column headers
  • Column order must be: coupon code, expiration date

3. Select the file from your computer by clicking Choose File.
4. After you've selected the file click Upload File.


For static coupon codes, you won't need to go through the file upload process. 

1. Select your expiration date. You have several options to do so as explained below.

  • Specify Dates Below: Choosing this option allows you to select a specific date on which the code will expire. 
  • Calculate "X" Number of Days after Distribution: Using this option, you can specify that the code expires "X" number of days after it's sent, giving each recipient an equal amount of time to use it. 

2. Enter dates for Begin and End Distribution.
3. Click Validate

NOTE: You can set up future codes and dates by clicking Add Rows and entering information in for future codes.  


1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts.
2. Go to Segmentation.
3. Then Modify Existing Field Groups.
4. Select the Field Group to add your coupon to. Because we're creating a Shopping Cart coupon for this example, we'll select the ShopperInfo field group.
5. Add a new segment in which to store your coupon codes. Select the data type text.

TIP: We recommend naming this segment the same as you named the coupon pool. For example, "SCA10Off."

6. Click Save

TIP: If you'd like expiration dates to display in your email with the coupon code, follow the same steps to create a segment for the expiration date(s). The data type for this segment must be the "date" format. For example, we will name this segment "SCA10OFF Expiration." 

NOTE: You can only use an expiration date if you've included on in your uploaded file or your static coupon codes. 


When authoring the message containing a unique coupon code, you can use the personalization fields under the personalization control panel section to create that personalized content. Each email will pull a unique code from your coupon pool. 

  1. Click on the segment you just created to generate the code snippet to use in your email contents as shown below. 
  2. Copy this code and paste it into your email wherever you'd like the coupon to display. 
  3. If you've chosen to use expiration dates, follow the same steps to add the expiration date into the email as well. 


1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
2. Go to Listrak Conductor.
3. Then Conversations.
4. Add an Action Step right before the Message Step that contains your offer message.

NOTE: Don't forget to commit your message containing the coupon code to the conversation.
5. Override the default name
to "Assign Coupon Code 10%" to reflect your offer.
6. In the Action Step settings, click the Segmentation tab.
7. Select the action type Update Segment Field with Coupon Code.
8. Select your Merchant.
9. Select your Coupon Pool.
10. Select SCA10Off (the segment we created) for Save Code To.
11. Select SCA10OffExpiration (the other segment we created) for Save Exp. Date To.

NOTE: This only applies if you are taking advantage of expiration dates with your coupon codes. Otherwise you can leave this blank.

12. Click Update.
13. Click Publish to make your conversation live. 

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