A Birthday Campaign is a great way to reach out to your customers and recognize them on an individual level on their special day.

First, this article walks through how to set up a new campaign, including new subscribers. Then, add existing subscribers to this campaign

If you'd like to include a coupon in this message, please follow the coupon segmentation fields section. Otherwise, you may skip this step. 


  • The birthdate field in this article is named BirthDate. If you're using a different name for this field, please ensure that it is set as a Date data type and use this field consistently throughout this article. If you already have a birthdate field created, please move to the external events section.

  • This field will be used again to move current subscribers who currently have a birth date in their profile. This is covered in Adding Existing Subscribers to Your Birthday Campaign

  • You may want to create a coupon field using the similar steps below to include coupons into your Birthday Campaign. Click here to learn more about how to add coupons to a conversation. 

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Email Contacts Profile Fields.

  2. Then Create New Field Group.

    1. Enter Birthday Campaign for the Field Group Name.

    2. Click Save.

    3. Enter BirthDate for the Field Name.

    4. Select Date (mm/dd/yyyy) in the Data Type drop-down menu.

    5. Click Save.

External Events

Creating an external event here allows subscribers to receive their birthday message and be re-entered into the conversation to receive the message next year. The second event is to add your existing subscribers into the conversation. An explanation of this is covered in greater detail in Adding Your Existing Subscribers to Your Birthday Campaign.

  1. Select the list for your campaign from the drop-down menu.

    💡 This is typically your Master List.

  2. Navigate to Automation > Conductor External Events.

  3. Click New Event Group.

    1. Enter Birthday Campaign.

    2. Click Create Event Group.

  4. Click New Event.

    1. Enter Birthday Reentry for the Event Name.

    2. Select Birthday Campaign from the drop-down menu for the Group.

    3. Click Create Event.

  5. Repeat step 4 and enter Existing Subscribers as the Event Name. This will be used when adding your existing subscribers.

💡 Your subscription points on your website should also be used in your conversation to enter new subscribers into a birthday campaign. Click here to learn more about setting up subscription points and external events.

Create the Message

Below are the resources necessary to create your Birthday Campaign message in Listrak Composer. Please use these materials to make a Birthday Campaign message unique to your brand.

  1. Getting Started with Listrak's drag and drop email builder, Composer.

  2. Listrak Composer Guides.

  3. Adding Coupons to your Birthday Campaign message.

Conversation Setup

After you've finished building and testing your Birthday Campaign message, you are ready to build your automated campaign in Listrak Conductor.

  1. Select the list for your campaign from the drop-down menu.

    💡 This is typically your Master List.

  2. Navigate to Automation > Conductor Conversations.

  3. Click New Conversation.

    1. Enter Birthday Campaign for the New Conversation Name.

    2. Select the Birthday template from the drop-down menu.

    3. Click Create Conversation.

  4. Click the first Trigger Step called Birthday Trigger.

    1. Click the + icon to assign all of the subscription point external events and the birthday external events.

    2. Click Update.

  5. (Optional) Set up the test filter. This step is optional and allows only internal contacts to enter the birthday campaign until the step is removed.

    1. Click on the step.

    2. In the segment filter setting, set up a filter using the system field of email address does not contain the business name used in your email address (e.g. @listrak.com)

    3. Click Update.

    4. If not using the testing step, click delete in the popup.

      ⚠️ Don't forget to delete the step and republish the conversation when you are ready to launch!

  6. Click the Birth Month is Empty Goto step.

    1. Click the Segment Filter tab.

    2. Click New Filter.

    3. Apply the filter below to move contacts who have no birthday in the field.

    4. Click Update twice.

  7. Click the Birthday Wait Step and select the following options:

    1. Wait Type: Select Advanced Wait Builder.

    2. Day and Month: Select the birthdate profile field.

    3. Year: Increment of 1 year starting on the date the step is entered.

    4. Using the offset of: This field is only applicable if you want to send the message on a different day other than what is in their BirthDate field. Use an offset of 0 to be sure contacts receive the message on the day of birthday.

  8. If providing a coupon, click the Clear Coupon Code step.

    1. In the segment field drop-down select the birthdate profile field created earlier.

    2. Click Update.

    3. If not providing a coupon, click delete in the popup.

  9. Click the Set Coupon Code step.

    1. If providing a static coupon:

      1. select the update segment field with value option

      2. Select the coupon segmentation field

      3. Enter a value for a coupon code that works on your website.

    2. If providing unique coupons:

      1. Select the coupon pool

      2. Select the coupon segmentation field

      3. Select the coupon expiration field, if using

    3. If not using a coupon, delete the step.

  10. Click the Set Coupon Expiration step.

    1. If your unique coupon contained an expiration, delete the step.

    2. If you do not wish to display a coupon expiration, delete the step.

    3. If you wish to display an expiration:

      1. In the action type drop-down, select Update Segment Field with Date Step Entered.

      2. Select the second radio button.

      3. Put in the number of days in the first textbox

      4. Select after from the last drop-down

      5. Contacts will now see a date X number of days after the day the message was sent.

  11. Click the Birthday Message 1 step.

    1. Click Edit a Saved Message.

    2. Select the Birthday Campaign Message that you created in the previous section.

    3. Navigate to the Google Analytics Integration.

      1. Enter Birthday for the Campaign Name.

      2. Enter Message 1 for the Campaign Content.

    4. Navigate to the Listrak Conversion Analytics.

      1. Select the Campaign Type to Birthday.

      2. Enter Birthday for the Campaign Name.

      3. Enter Message 1 for the Version.

  12. Click Commit Message.

  13. Click Commit Message to the Conversation.

If you'd like to enhance your Birthday Campaign, click here to learn more about adding your existing subscribers to this campaign.

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