The transactional message report allows you to view the analytics around your transactional message sends on a specific list. Only transactional messages sent from a list will appear in the reporting.

You can access this report for the list by going to Analytics > Message Analytics Transactional Messages.

Date Range

Use the pre-built date range from the dropdown or use calendar icon to select a specific date range. Click update to refresh the data to reflect message sent from the specific timeframe.

Transactional Send Graph

The graph allows you to view the opens, reads, clicks, and sent transactional messages on the specific list.

Message Analytics

Located underneath the graph, you will see the specific details of your transactional sends, which are sorted by the name of the transactional message, not the subject line.

The specific metrics will be based on the timeframe you have selected in the filtering date options.

The following metrics are displayed in the table:

  • Published Date: The date the transactional messages were enabled

  • Sent: The number if messages sent to contacts

  • Delivered: The number of messages that reached the inbox

  • Bounces: The number of messages that bounce

  • Bounce %: The percentage of messages that bounced, calculated by dividing the number bounced by the number sent

  • Opens: The number of emails opened. An open is calculated when a contact loads an email in their inbox

  • Open %: The percentage of emails that were opened, calculated by dividing the number of opens by the number delivered

  • Reads: The number of emails read, a read is counted when a contact has engaged with an email for at least five seconds

  • Read %: The percentage of emails read, calculated by dividing the reads by the number of emails delivered

  • Clicks: The number of clicks on an email. If a contact clicks more than one link all clicks will be counted

  • Click %: The percentage of contacts who clicked through an email, calculated by dividing total clicks by messages delivered

  • CTOR: Click-to-open rate is the percentage of contacts who clicked through an email after opening, calculated by dividing total clicks by the number of opens

  • Revenue: The amount of money generated by contacts who clicked through an email and went on to make a purchase

  • Visits: The number of contacts who clicked through an email. Listrak code must be present on the page in order to track a visit. Only one visit is counted per contact per email.

  • Conversions: The number of orders placed by contacts who clicked through an email

  • Conversion Rate: Calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visits

  • AOV: Average order value, or the average amount spent on conversions in a message

  • Domain Delivery: Dive deeper into the domain delivery report to show how contacts performed by domain

  • Message Dashboard: Dive deeper into the message performance to break down the message by how contacts are opening, revenue, and more

💡 Unlike broadcast messages unsubscribes are not reported because messages such as order confirmation or password resets do not require an opt-in like broadcast messages.

Clicking on an underlined number will provide a deeper view of a specific statistic.

📌 Use the click through reports to find contacts who received specific emails or view in-depth reporting on how contacts are engaging with your messages.

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