Understanding the Email Creation and Send Process at Listrak

The email creation and sending process is slightly different in every platform and for every company, but at Listrak there's a basic flow you will follow when creating and sending emails. Before you begin, you may need to confirm the following.

  • Is the group of contacts I want to target with this email already subscribed to a list in Listrak?

    • If no, follow step 1 of this guide and create a list or contact your implementation team (recommended for initial onboarding).

    • Then, follow step 3 to import contacts into your list.

  • Have you set up your branding specifications in Listrak?

    • If no, follow step 2 of thus guide to set your list settings and call Listrak Technical Support to set up your branding.

  • Will the email be built in Listrak's drag-and-drop Composer editor or HTML?

    • The custom HTML block in Composer can help provide a bridge between the two types.

Once you have set up your basic list settings and branding you're ready to begin building your email creative. This is where you'll start for most of your emails! In this section, you may need to work with your design team to ensure you have all of the images that will be imported into Listrak and used in the email, or the links to all of the locations outside of Listrak that should be referenced to pull in an image via an image URL.

When using HTML you can paste HTML coded in another software, such as Notepad, or coded directly in Listrak. With Composer, you can used Saved Content, Structures, Content, and Structured Content to build the layout of your email and apply specific properties, such as alternative text and links.

💡 Don't forget to save your message periodically so your work can be returned to!

The second step of creating the email is setting the properties of your specific email. Properties include standard elements, such as subject line and pre-header. It also include elements such as scheduling and setting your Google Analytics parameters for the specific email.

Our First Send Guide is designed to take you step by step through the key processes required to deploy your first email message. This guide contains the following articles:

  1. List Management

  2. List Settings Guide

  3. Importing Contacts into Listrak

  4. Guide to configuring Message Authoring Page

  5. Email analytics parameters Guide

  6. Building Emails with Composer

  7. Building Emails with HTML

  8. Plain Text Guide

  9. View Analytics on Your First Send

    1. Performance Summary Dashboard

    2. Message Activity Dashboard

    3. Message History Report

    4. Message Dashboard

    5. Visual Tracking Dashboard

    6. Conversion Dashboard

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