Plain text is text that is not tagged, specially formatted, or written in code. It's important to include a plain text version of your HTML message and here's why: There are still some devices that cannot read HTML. It's better that your customers see a simplified version of your message rather than nothing at all. Also, Listrak (and most every ESP) sends emails in a multi-part message (MIME) format. This means that our technology is capable of sending both parts (HTML and plain text) at the same time. If an ISP, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc., receives messages in a MIME format and one of the parts is missing (i.e. plain text), they could consider this spam and move your messages to the junk folder.

Using Your Email Creative to Generate Plain Text

Listrak allows you to easily generate plain text based on the creative elements you have already established in your message creative built in either HTML or Listrak Composer.

To generate this text, click the Generate Plain Text Version in the plain text tab of the message creation experience.

When your plain text is created, it will use the links specified in the Link URL. In Composer. it will also include the Alternative Text specified for images, the text of a headline or text element, or the button text. The title attribute and link URL will be used when generating plain text from an HTML message.

💡 If you click the generate button a second time it will overwrite the current version of the plain text. This is recommended when you make any changes to your message creative.

Creating Custom Plain Text

This option allows you to create customized plain text that you manually input into the editor.

  1. Click the plain text tab.

  2. Type your message content. Try writing a shorter version of your message with plain text. Why? Some devices that do not read HTML may have a limited screen (think Apple Watch). A shorter message will be easier to read and lead to a better customer experience. 

  3. Include an unsubscribe link: [[UnsubscribeLink]] 

  4. Test the plain text version of your message by leaving the WYSIWYG and HTML sections empty and clicking send test.

Why is Plain Text Important?

Below are some basic guidelines for using plain text. Read more tips from our blog in the article Apple Watch, What are We Going to Do with You?

  • Plain text will strip out all formatting, images and hyperlinks.

    💡 Some devices will render URLs as links if HTML is used in the email.

  • Personalization will still work in plain text.

  • Special characters such as smart quotes or mathematical symbols may not appear correctly in plain text messages.

  • Fonts will appear as the default size, type face, and color setting of the contacts' computers.

  • Bullet points are often translated as an ampersand symbol (&) or other symbol. To avoid this, use a hyphen (-) instead of a bullet point.

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