Our Zapier integration is currently in public beta. Please click the button below to participate in our beta.

Easily connect your apps and automate workflows with Listrak's integration with Zapier.

Begin your 10 minute integration with Listrak's Marketplace, accessible in the Listrak Application under Manage > Integrations.

  • NOTE: Please log into the Listrak Application to access the Zapier integration guide. You must have admin permissions to view this guide in Listrak's Marketplace.

Want to know how fast and easy it is? Read below for an at-a-glance preview of our integration.

1. Log into Zapier.

2. Create a Zap.

3. Add a Trigger Step.

4. Add an Action Step.

5. Enter a Name and Save.

Your Zapier integration is now complete! Log in to get started!

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